World Famous Sporting Venues in the United States of America


In the United States of America, people have a passion for sports and it is an integral part of their culture. The four foremost professional sports leagues include NBA or the National Basketball Association, MLB or the Major League Baseball, the NHL or National Hockey League, and the NFL or National Football League. As per, all four professional sports leagues enjoy huge media exposure.

American Culture

As sports are such a significant part of American culture, teams are making a lot of money and building amazing stadiums. That has become tourist hot spots, as well as, favorite destinations for sports aficionados across the globe. Whether you seem to be a sports buff who loves to travel or a keen traveler who enjoys exploring and also experiencing the amazing features of sports stadia. Here are some of the top American must-see sporting venues you must visit in your lifetime.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is regarded as the epitome of sports in New York. It is certainly the home of the world-famous New York Rangers of the NHL. And also New York Knicks of NBA and this amazing sporting venue has hosted some of the most fabulous concerts. The ambiance out here is the chief attraction and all sports enthusiasts around the world. Would love to attend a special event here. If you get an opportunity a spectator of big game here, you would love the stimulating environment amidst the loud cheers. Today the Madison Square Garden has become a top creating venue having the same name in London and also Las Vegas too.

Michigan Stadium

The North States America’s largest stadium, Michigan Stadium has a capacity of over 107,601. We understand so that only the National Stadium in North Korea is bigger as compared to the Big House across the globe. No list of America’s top stadiums is complete without mentioning Michigan Stadium.

College Football

You must pay a visit to Ann Arbor in Michigan for experiencing a great home of college football. Michigan Stadium has been fortunate to have two of the biggest crowds ever for an outdoor ice hockey match. In 2010, around 107,103 spectators watched Michigan versus Michigan State. Moreover, in 2014, the same number of spectators witnessed the game involving the ‘Detroit Red Wings’ and the ‘Toronto Maple Leafs’.

The Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl is regarded as the granddaddy of all American stadiums. This was inaugurated in 1922 and also has been referred to as the Historic Civil Engineering and also even the National States Historic landmarks. That was home to the oldest-ever American postseason college football contest. There is a Rose Parade just before the Rose Bowl game. The Rose Bowl takes place every New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve. This world-famous stadium is the home to not only the Rose Bowl but also the UCLA Bruins. The World Cup Final 1994 match was held here. 

Lambeau Field

Any discussion about professional football is incomplete without talking about Lambeau Field. All football enthusiasts must travel to Green Bay in Wisconsin for paying homage to this iconic and also legendary stadium. Even if you are not a great fan of the Green Back Packers, you simply cannot ignore the history and also the organization of this amazing stadium. You surely would appreciate the venue’s historic value, the cheese heads, and the amazingly cold weather.

We have talked about some of the most popular stadiums in the United States of America. That seems to have an aura and an atmosphere that would be creating some memorable experiences!