Top Celebs Playing Fantasy Football


Today, Fantasy Football has taken the world by storm. With soccer craze, standard leagues, and also football or table tennis fever, the popularity of Fantasy Football will not slow down soon. Did you know that some of the top Hollywood celebrities are keen on playing when they get an opportunity? The stars from tinsel town might even beat you in the game if you are fortunate enough to be part of the league.  

Fantasy Football is a craze among the teens too, more so, when they see their favorite celebs playing it. Read on to learn about some of these celebrities playing Fantasy Football.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Porter-fame Daniel Radcliffe loves to play Fantasy Football. He is an avid soccer fan already but then his passion grew into an obsession with Fantasy Football. Did you know that this UK actor successfully manages numerous teams as well as spends several hours to perform mock drafts so that he does not feel embarrassed? If you love celebrities Fantasy Football, go for it. You will love it.

Jon Hamm

The actor in the popular TV series Mad Men is addicted to Fantasy Football too, though he could not overcome the rules of the game. The passionate sports enthusiast belonged to Bill Simmon’s celebrities Fantasy Football league until the winner of that league bestowed Jon the heave-ho.

According to the rules, it was decided the game-winner would eliminate one member from the league. Then, the rest of the members must have apprehended Jon’s ability or expertise related to Fantasy Football. Jon was fortunate because he was banished only for a single season, which is good news.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker, an American actress, and model is a Fantasy Football fan and passionate about Carolina Panthers. The model’s penchant for the game developed ever since she took a liking for Fantasy Football. She is quite good and after winning her league in the year 2013, it was Adam Sandler, the famous American actor, screenwriter, and comedian did not ask Decker to protect her championship the subsequent season. And, only Happy Gilmore, who was a failed ice hockey player, would perceive the loss so hard.

Seth Meyers

The American actor, comedian, producer, TV host, and writer, has a penchant for Fantasy Football. Even in his show Late Night with Seth Meyers, he admits his passion for Fantasy Football and soccer footwork drills as a game. Seth has also been a host of the NFL and ESPYs. He meets with his old buddies to perform an in-person Fantasy Football draft.

Ashton Kutcher

This American producer, actor, and entrepreneur of Two and Half Men fame is also another Fantasy Football player and passionate about the game. Ashton plays the game so much that he is also the host of a show known as Fantasy Football Live. Now, that is quite inspiring! Ashton is such an avid player but remains very busy and therefore, requires assistance when it comes to research on the game. However, the actor acknowledges that he has an employee appointed to guide Ashton with the Fantasy Football team.

Final words

Do you love Fantasy Football like these celebs? Try it if not. You will love it. You need to research to succeed in the same.