6 Rules of Basic Air Travel Decorum


Air travel has become very accessible to most people nowadays. However, a lot of people have not adopted the proper decorum for proper air travel etiquette. If you are about to embark on a first time trip to an interesting and exciting place, it is important to observe certain rules of etiquette while traveling by air, so as to be clear about what to do or not do while on your trip.

Who knows, you may even be able to put in a line or advise a traveler who is behaving badly and inconveniencing everyone traveling by air Travel. On that note, if you have planned a trip to exciting Milan in Italy, you may also want to purchase some tickets to the famous Milan exposition, which espouses great focus into respecting our environment.

The rules mentioned below will help you be more comfortable about what to do or not do while traveling by air.

1. Be mindful of other peoples space in air Travel

While on the plane, be careful to only use the space that is allocated to you and avoid using other people’s space. For example, if you need to use the space under the plane’s seat, only use the space that is directly in front of you and not the adjacent spaces. The occupants of the seats next to you may want to stretch their legs and your baggage will interfere with their comfort.

2.    Don’t unnecessarily seek conversation

Most people like traveling in silence. If you assume that everyone likes to talk, you will most likely be inconveniencing your fellow travelers. Only ask when it is absolutely necessary and only strike a conversation when you are encouraged to do so.

3.    Avoid getting up from your seat too often

If you know that you ordinarily visit the restroom frequently, ensure that you arrange early enough to seat on an aisle seat that is close to the restrooms. Doing so will be mindful so as not to interrupt other passengers seated next to you by walking and moving across them.

4.    Avoid taking too much alcohol

If you know that you cannot hold you liquor properly, you should avoid taking any alcohol on the plane. You don’t want to be the guy who got carried away and took too much alcohol and started acting out. You want to avoid embarrassing yourself, others and inconveniencing other passengers.

5.    Avoid rocking or tapping other people seats

When in your seat, it can be very annoying, irritating or destructing, to say the least, to have someone tapping on the back of your seat or jostling your seat when they get up. Even if you don’t mind it, you should be aware that it is a bad habit to do so because it can be quite inconveniencing. If you are traveling with children, you should also forbid them from jostling the seats around them.

6.    Be mindful of how you smell

It is important to avoid strong-smelling perfumes when on an air Travel. Not everyone likes strong scents and it will be in bad taste to assume so. Be more considerate by making use of an odorless roll-on or antiperspirant. On the same token, ensure that you don’t have smelly socks or bad breath.