Javascript – Web technology as well as multi-purpose language


Javascript is a scripting (as well as Programming) language which is used for making the dynamic web pages. JS is the abbreviation form and it is a lightweight, object-oriented language with first-class functions. It runs on the client side on the Browser. JS is a powerful and dynamic scripting language and mainly used for controlling the web page behavior. Don’t get confused with Java, Java and Javascript are two different programming languages. The syntax of JS is similar to C++ and Java. JS acts as both object-oriented and procedural language.

JS became a fully independent language with its own specification called ECMAScript. All modern browsers support ECMAScript 5.1. It is a high-level language which has curly-bracket syntax, prototype-based object-orientation, dynamic typing, and first-class function. It is used with HTML and CSS and is considered as one of the Core technology of Websites. JS is supported by major browsers by default and is fully compatible with HTML/CSS. JS is executed in browsers with the help of Javascript Virtual machine. V8 is used by Chrome and Opera, SpiderMonkey is used by Firefox, etc. are used for executing the javascript on webpages. If you want to learn more about Javascript, the best way to get up to speed is by enrolling in a Java Certification course.

Application of Javascript

JS is primarily used for interactive webpages. Initially, JS was supported on the client side only, but now it is supported on server-side as well. The application of JS is growing day by day. It is used for making web applications as well as Android apps. JS is also used in non-web programs such as PDF software, word processor, developing mobile and desktop applications, etc. Javascript is used for making the animation in canvas. Moreover, the loading page can be created with JS. JS is used in the calculation in forms, making the game applications, application programming interfaces, changes the HTML content, HTML attributes, and HTML styles.

Moreover, JS is accepted in MongoDB for accepting the queries. Acrobat Adobe reader uses javascript in PDF files. JS is used as a scripting language in LibreOffice applications. Unity game engine uses Javascript for scripting.

Using JS for dynamic webpage

We all know that JS is mainly used for making dynamic webpages. Ajax is used for reloading the part of the webpage without the loading the whole webpage. Different Libraries and Framework has been developed to make ease in using the Javascript. It is used for making animation on your webpage. According to the Website developers, Javascript code should be embedded before the </body> tag for webpage speed optimization.

Making Desktop Applications with Javascript

With the help of GitHub Electron, you can build desktop applications with the usage of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is a combination of two popular technologies i.e. Chromium and Node.js. Any web application can be run with the help of Electron. Any Node application can be run on the electron. Electron is used to create rich and engaging desktop applications with the help of Chromium and Node.js. Node enables the developers for making a server-side application with Javascript. There are a huge collection of modules which are available for using them on Electron application too. Chromium is the open source version of the Chrome browser. It is a core code that makes a web browser a web browser. It consists of the V8 javascript Engine. One should have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Node.js for creating the apps for Desktop using Electron.

Using JS for Server side (backend developing website)

JS is used in frontend programming for providing a dynamic view to the webpages. But those JS codes are easily visible to the user. You have to use the JS code on the server so that codes won’t be accessible to the visitors. JS facilitates these features, server-side coding. With the usage of Node.js, you can use Javascript on server-side. The main benefit of using Javascript on the server side is that the execution procedure is done based on an event on the server. In order to use Node.js, you must have knowledge of Javascript, Ajax, and jQuery.

For running the Node.js, you need to work on v8 environment. Ordinary web hosts can’t run Node.js. Other than Node.js, there are many other products which allows to run Javascript at server side. ArangoDB, Google Apps Script, JSSP, etc. are the packages that allow you to run JS on server. But they also require JS engine for execution of JS codes on server.

Using JS for making Mobile Apps

JS is also used in making the Mobile Apps. The famous framework for making mobile apps using Javascript is Iconic and React Native. You can build the apps for both Android and iOS. Along with Javascript, you should also use HTML and CSS. Native apps are good and have faster performance. On Android JS framework, you can use Node.js at backend and Javascript at frontend designing.

Why Javascript?

  • It is easy to learn
  • It extends the functionality of the web pages
  • No compilation needed and easy to debug and test
  • Independent of Platform
  • Event-Based language
  • Procedural Capabilities
  • Trending web technology (highest paid developers, most used programming language, etc.) in the last 3 years