How To Get Rid Of Fallen Breast And Make Them Firm

How To Get Rid Of Fallen Breast And Make Them Firm
How To Get Rid Of Fallen Breast And Make Them Firm

How to get rid of fallen breast is every woman’s desires, to have a perfectly shaped breast all their life. Men aren’t left out as well. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate his wife having a firm breast all through life. Sadly, that’s not the way the body is built. The natural law of sagging breast usually kicks in when a woman is in her 40’s. However, even younger adults have been known to fall prey to the issue of sagging breast in their early 20’s or higher. In finding the solutions on how to get rid of fallen breast, one has to know the cause.

So, here are a couple of reasons you might be getting a saggy breast at a relatively young age and how to get rid of fallen breast.

Common Causes And Their solution

Wrong sized bra: wearing a wrong sized bra can make your breast sag in no time. It certainly doesn’t help either when you do not wear them at all.

Solution: opting for bras with great support holders or pads at the foot of the cup is your best bet. This will keep your breast in shape and prevent sagging.

Nutritional deficiency: for your information, deficiency can very well prevent nutrients which are for breast growth and support from reaching the breast. The result of this is that breast muscles begin to lose their strength and firmness, which in turn leads to a sagging breast.

Solution: the obvious solution will be for you to consume food which contains essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, minerals, carbohydrate, vitamin and vital fat. Other causes of sagging breast include

  • Existing Ailments such as breast cancer, tuberculosis and more.
  • Negligence
  • Age
  • Gravitational pull
  • Improper care and
  • Childbirth

Furthermore on how to get rid of fallen breast, keep reading.

Writers Note: while there are artificial ways one can fix a saggy breast, they are often expensive and comes with a bunch of side effects. All method listed here are natural and will have 0 negative effect on your overall health.


Exercise is a great tip on how to get rid of fallen breast. Thing is, it’s not all exercise that is healthy for your breast. Here are exercises that target breast tissues and muscles around the chest.

  1. Chest press
  2. Chest pull
  3. Push up’s
  4. Dumbbell fly’s and
  5. Arm raising

So while you are working on getting a great shape through exercise, also remember these.

Ice Massage

Cold temperature causes tissue in the breast to contract. This, in turns, makes the breast firmer and appear to be more lifted. Use two cubes of ice and massage the breast in a circular motion. Do this for one minute and then dry. After which, put on a firm bra and stay in a reclining position for at least 30 minutes.


Not just any massage but a great one. Other than ice massage, taking out 15 minutes a day to massage your breast in an upward motion is great for saggy breast. Repeated rubbing generates heat as well as energy, which in turn improves the flow of blood in the breast. This strengthens connective tissues and muscles, thereby improving breast shape effectively.

Massaging with oil, especially olive, is also of tremendous benefit if you desire lifted breast. This is because olive oil is a great source of antioxidants as well as fatty acid, which is known to reverse damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, it can also improve skin tone and texture.

Cucumber and Egg yolk

Surprised are you not? Well, I did say it’s all natural. How to get rid of the fallen breast is simply more evident with the use of cucumber and egg yolk. Cucumber and egg yolk combined has skin toning properties, high level of proteins as well as vitamins.

The procedure is quite simple. Pour a teaspoon of milk, one egg yolk and a small piece of cucumber into a blender and blend. Apply the paste/mixture on your breast and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water and see your breast become firmer. Repeat step once every week for more effective result.

Aloe Vera

On how to get rid of the fallen breast, one has to recognize the immense nutrients Aloe Vera brings into the table. Aloe Vera has been known to possess various health benefits, especially in regards to skin care.

Apply Aloe Vera gel in breast. Gently rub in circular motion for 10 minutes. After which, allow gel to sit for another 10 minutes before washing off with cold water. For desirable results, ensure to repeat process 4 to 5 times a week.

The Bottom Line

These are all working tips on how to get rid of the fallen breast for your consumption. Over the years, I personally have adopted some of these methods as a lifestyle, and they work magic.

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