Jared Jeffrey Davis: No more fear of business

Jared Jeffrey Davis

There’s something else that I fear so much more.

I’m Jared Jeffrey Davis often crippled with concern for the health and well-being of my family. Perhaps you know the same feeling…perhaps you feel it…while walking around during a wonderful summer day…praying fora close relative who is gravely ill. If concerns like these are a part of your life, you are not alone.  I, Jared Jeffrey Davis, have them as well.

Health and welfare

There are 15 people in my life for whom I feel closest… the ones for which I feel both a responsibility and a great concern for their health and welfare. Since this is such a huge issue for me, most other things seem small by comparison.

Losing all of my wealth pales thoughts such as these. Most especially because I have confidence in my ability to retrieve financially whateverI have lost. 

What is really important to me…family first (and always) legacy, influence and finally impact…

I always imagined that my larger feel of general familial responsibility would dissipate with the birth of my children. To some extent it has, but not as much as I had originally thought. For most people, priorities change when the kids arrive.  I still felt the burden of responsibility.

I’m completely ok with this… in line and in tune with my feelings. You can say that I’m all in. At this point, it’s still important for people to say  “This man was amongst the best minds of his generation”. That’s when I imagine the title being bestowed upon me losing importance as the phone rings. And I get news that a close family member has been hurt. At that moment, all material things disappear.

Jared Jeffrey Davis

It is to fully feel the awfulness of such a scenario that I would more strongly than ever force myself to feel. The material world would go away.  The pursuit of money and fame…not important? You see, I’ve only got one life to lead, and one chance to live the moment.  All that said, I’m living mine. Yes, I do care about people…outside of those closest to me  It’s a care of the wider world.  The things that matter to me…Jared Jeffrey Davis.

Moving to business and my vulnerabilities? Yes, they exist.   But it is hear where I,  Jared Jeffrey Davis, am least fearful and most confident.  It’s here where I say with a smile, “what exactly do I have to fear?”After all, the pursuit of excellence in business is what comes naturally to me…where I most thrive.  Why fear the next deal after all then, for more money, or status…or whatever? Why should it matter so much after all? You can’t sell what you can’t sell after all…And I state with full confidence that I always treat others with the respect they deserve.  And like the breakfast I had this morning, I clearly understand that perception and circumstances can’t be changed once they occurred. 

The takeaway, my actions are guided with an internal compass.  I know my rules align with societies in general…to do the right thing.  To be myself…and to not fear failure.

Could be something in my DNA that provides me with confidence like this? I think so.  As I,Jared Jeffrey Davis, have felt confidence in myself and my place in the world.  for as far back as I  can remember. 

If only I could master my feelings of familial anxiety.   Life would become so much more simple.