Martin Polanco explains the benefits of exercise and its implication in the fight against Covid19

Martin Polanco
Martin Polanco

Martin Polanco says staying in-home quarantine effectively protects you from the novel coronavirus that is causing unprecedented misery for humanity. But the confinement can take a toll on one overall wellness and wellbeing as we are experiencing today. The changing faces of the virus that has undergone several mutations. Over the year are posing new kinds of health challenges. As vaccines might not be adequate to deal with some virus variety.

To protect us from the health issues arising from prolonged home confinement, it is vital to quickly adapt to the new lifestyle by accepting that life will never be the same again. We must learn to live with the virus while gradually modifying our lifestyle. But ensuring that we stick to the basic tenets of maintaining physical fitness. That looks after our mental health, too, explains Martin Polanco.  Incorporating healthy habits into the lifestyle will ensure that we stay healthy enough. To combat the virus more effectively by improving our immunity.

Focus more on physical activity, says Martin Polanco

Finding ways to stay physically active despite home confinement is the only way to improve our overall wellness and wellbeing. If you can wander outside, walk a few kilometers every day to fulfill your activity goals. You can walk inside the home, too, but you have to make multiple rounds crisscrossing the perimeter several times to make up for the desired distance that you want to cover. Exercise in whichever way you can to reap the health benefits discussed here to make you stronger to fight the pandemic.

Improved Immune support

Regular exercise or similar physical activities of a specific duration like 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity helps maintain your immunity and even improve it. Building a stronger immune system by following a daily exercise routine will keep you safe from falling easy prey to the novel coronavirus.

Anxiety and stress relief

Not only is the pandemic making people sick, but the fear of falling ill is also driving people crazy as they undergo severe mental stress. Trying to find the best way to protect oneself from the virus is causing excessive. Mental stress because no one feels safe no matter how best the safety measures they take. Too much stress can lower the immune response and render you vulnerable to the virus. Exercising regularly is a good stress-buster as the chemicals released in the brain when exercising mitigate the stress considerably. Exercises will make you feel rejuvenated and mentally refreshed. As the mood-elevating chemicals like serotonin and endorphins released in the process drive away depressions and anxiety, which delays the chances of dementia later age.

Control high blood pressure

Regular exercise takes care of your cardiovascular health and ensures. A healthy heart by maintaining the blood pressure at the optimal level. High blood pressure can lead to stroke and heart disease, besides extensively damaging the cardiovascular system.  It might also cause type-2 diabetes. Maintaining a certain level of regular physical activity can minimize all such health risks.

Above all, exercises keep your body weight under control and improve your fitness and overall health.