The A-Z of a Cruise Ship

The A-Z of a Cruise Ship

A-Z of cruise a ship contains everything you need to know for a pleasant voyage. This article contains the A-Z of cruising. If you are a first-time cruiser, this article is for you. The article also contains facts for existing cruisers. So, either you’re first-timer or a pro cruiser, our A-Z of a cruise ship is for you.

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Zzzzz – Sleep

While on any ship, looking for any form of serenity before you are able to catch some sleep is utterly out of the question. From next-door neighbors, stewards doing their jobs and loud AC’s and other distractions, there is a 90% chance you won’t be able to get some sleep if you are very sensitive to noise or a light sleeper. A common way around this is the use of headphones and earplugs.

Youth Center

This is common with the majority of cruisers. As one of the A-Z of a cruise ship, the youth center provides a venue where you can safely drop your kids for a whole day. This means that as a family, looking to spend some alone time with your spouse, this is a great option.

X-ray Machines Security

For security reasons, the majority of cruise ship require passengers to pass through an x-ray scan whenever you are getting back on board the ship.


According to reports from thousands of cruisers, you wi-fi speed pretty often very slow. This sometimes means you might have to rely on terminal wi-fi for a major task.

Visa and Vaccination

You should always read the paperwork before ever coming on board any cruise ship. This is because some ports may require a visa and vaccination before you allowed to go off-port. For cases like that, without a visa or vaccination, the only way to go off the ship is through a tour organized by the ship.


On the A-Z of a Cruise ship, you are very likely to see staffs on their uniforms all over a cruise ship. This is major for the purpose of distinguishing passengers from staffs. At any time, you can always ask anyone on a uniform which department they represent.

Tender Boats

These are boats used to take passengers ashore in the scenario where the ship cannot make it to the dock.


If you are wondering if you did be able to get a good sunbath onboard a cruise, the answer is a loud yes. Sunbeds are made available in almost all cruisers, and I some cases you might have to want to make reservations.


What’s the point of a cruise if it doesn’t provide a way to relax and calm down the nerves? The most ship has a spa for those in need of quality relaxation. There you will find hot tubs, steam rooms and so much more.


This cannot be escaped. At various point in time, either when boarding a ship, coming off the ship and even during feeding. Passengers are required to queue.  If you aren’t a fan of queuing, you can certainly get rest of mind through the fact that these processes are usually pretty quick.


Another A-Z of a Cruise ship is their ports. The reason cruising provides one of the best vacation methods, is simply because of these ports. They provide the opportunity for passengers to visit various destination each day. These destinations can be explored through the ships tour system, or independently. Information about these ports/destinations is always given to passengers through cruise lines.

On-Board accounts

Cruise makes use of cruise debit card for all item purchased on board. These cards are linked to your bank debit card, and a final statement is released at the end of your trip.


Trying to escape a ship’s noise is nearly impossible, as ships are known for the noise. However, the majority of ships today have places which are fairly quiet or anyone in need of quiet time.

Medical Center

Sickness is always never predictable. While there are onboard medical centers, it comes with extra charges. This is why it is advised to come on board with seasickness tablets or other forms of medications you might need.


On the A-Z of a cruise ship, it is important to note that most ships provide free to use Launderette. However, it is often crowded and therefore very important to time your washing right.

Karaoke and Entertainment

Onboard a cruise, they are never a dull moment. From movies, theatre shows, parties, nightclubs, karaoke, and more. There are loads to entertainments to keep you satisfied onboard a cruise.


This refers to the initial process of embarking on the cruise on the first day. Details regarding embarking are usually sent beforehand. You are also required to check in with these details similar to how you check-in in an airport.


Various countries, especially the US, have strict immigration laws. This means that every passenger and crew are required to be seen by an official before they are allowed into the country. This usually resorts in a lot of waiting. So, you might really want to go along with a side distraction like a book.


I believe the purpose of every cruiser is to relax and switch off from the world. As a newbie, you need not panic nor worry about anything. As soon as you are on the ship, you are ready to have the best holiday you can think of.


Tips/gratuities are required of you on most ships. This is used to pay for loads of care you will be receiving from all the ships stewards.


Mostly, your meals are included on your tickets. This means you pay for your regular feeding before coming on board. However, there are also various restaurants you can purchase good meals from with extra payment.

Emergency Drills

This is compulsory attendance for all passengers taken before ship embarks on its journey. This includes a briefing from the captain and a lifejacket demonstration. These are all as a precaution in case of emergencies.


In our A-Z of a cruise ship, is the sheer number of countries or destination you can visit in one voyage. Certainly an experience you cannot get anywhere else than in cruise ship.


These are basically hotel rooms on a cruise ship. You want to take your time to make the right cabin choice when booking.


These are great space some rooms offer. If you are one for some alone times, you should consider booking a room with a balcony.

All On Board Time

Finally in our A-Z of a cruise ship, is the all on-board time. This is the time with which you are meant to return to the ship on every stop. If you do not, chances are no one will know you aren’t back and you will be left behind.

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