How to use Instagram when you are looking to gain followers as a graphic designer?

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If you are a talented graphic designer with an active social media presence, then you would have come across several talented designers like yourself, especially on Instagram. However, as things stand, in the present day and age, you cannot make a living through sheer talent alone. You need to showcase it the right way, and since platforms are not available for this massive pool of talented designers, most are crafting their market through Instagram. The following post is all about how to use Instagram the right way to build a follower base that will have a positive effect on the real-world sales and revenue generation for your venture.

Instagram is not just about creating aesthetic and visually pleasing feeds. It is more than mindless and craftlessselfies. When you are looking to cultivate a successful account, then you need to showcase it. What you stand for, your ideas, your interpretation of the world. You need to keep in mind that since Instagram is typically a photo-sharing platform; you have to get all of the above done through images that represent your skills truly and faithfully. May not possess the marketing skills and economic clout of a global brand. Still, a successful Instagram profile will go a long way when you are looking. To generate leads and stand out among the crowd of millions of talented individuals.

So, without further ado, here are the tips you need to follow carefully to leverage Instagram the right way.

The bio

The bio at the top of your page is something everyone is designer. Interested in, but it is quite tricky to get it right. Keep in mind that the bio piques the interest of potential followers and presents a concise summary of who you are and what your page represents. The bio is the place to maximize the 150 characters available. To you with a catchy intro, relevant hashtags, and portfolio, often with a CTA or a call-to-action link to your domain landing pages.

Be social

This is quite obvious but is still quite an essential reminder to designer everyone that the trick to social media is to be social. Never underestimate the power of human interaction and audience engagement with your online content. Instagram algorithms are always on the lookout for positive interactions, which, in turn, boosts your profile ratings and rankings.

Involve the followers

As stated in the previous section, user engagement is a big thing. However, it is not just limited to sending emoji replies. You need to do more than that. Moreover, a unique way of encouraging audience interaction is to come up with great content that involves followers. The higher the engagement on the social posts you have, the better is your page ranking.

Use your words wisely

Catchy captions work great when you are looking to get your audience interested. You can put in queries or polls to get them interacting in huge numbers with your posts. Keep in mind that you need to be responsive to your replies.


Even if you are an authority figure on a matter, reposting user designer posts. That inspires and interest you is another sure-fire way of gaining followers and showing that you care. Quite obviously, ask for their permission first to follow the social etiquette rules.

Love to followers

You can also give back the love you get from the followers by featuring their photos with your product. There are several creative ways out there, but the bottom line is always about engaging your followers to build up a loyal support base.

Collaboration with other designers

Here is another tried and tested method to engage your followers. Everyone is quite crazy about collaborative work these days. Users often want to see creative individuals work together. Reaching out to other experts from different niches is a trendy way to bring in new followers and expanding your base.

CTAs are a vital tool

CTA or call-to-action buttons are linking features that allow you to add in external or internal links on your bio, posts, and other parts of your profile. should use the CTAs to your advantage and maximize the potential of your profile.

Can use CTA for adding the portfolio to the bio. You can also include them in your captions on posts to link a page, your blog post, a voting poll, or anything that will improve on the user engagement metrics. There are several call-to-action guides on the internet, and you can go through a few to get a better idea.

Also, keep in mind that if you have over 10K followers, then you have the automatic CTA through the swipe up feature for your stories. In case you are using a business profile, you can use the “contact” and the “e-mail” buttons. So that users can reach your physical store. For more information on increasing the number of designer of followers. Get in touch with Insta 4 Likes, your one-stop-shop for everything Instagram.

Keep in kind these simple tricks designer when you are looking to integrate Instagram with your graphic designing venture.