5 Winning Advantages of Influencer Marketing


Around 67.6% of marketers think finding relevant influencers is the biggest challenge they face 5 Winning Advantages of Influencer Marketing. Knowing the benefits of influencer marketing will convince you that it’s worth the effort.

About 51% of marketers believe they’ll attract better customers through influencer marketing. After all, nobody targets an audience as successfully as a good influencer does.

You invest a lot of hard work into your social media marketing strategy. You deserve to take advantage of the most effective strategy in the social media world.

Here are five advantages you’ll reap from an influencer marketing strategy:

1. Increase Your Social Media Following

Influencers tag your branded account in a post that features your product. In return, people will visit your account and hopefully follow it. YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing are both famous for boosting brands’ follower counts through the roof.

Every follower counts as a willing member of the audience you’re advertising to on social media. The bigger your following is, the bigger that willing audience is. This will strengthen your future marketing efforts.

2. More Conversions

Influencer strategies drive conversions way up. Working with an influencer increases leads, sales, signups for your e-mail newsletter, and other conversions. Conversions are critical to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Collaborating with an influencer increases brand trust, which increases conversions. More conversions mean more people are paying attention to your brand.

Influencers know how to entertain/intrigue people. That rubs off on how people perceive your brand in collaborations.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Influencers expose your product(s) to potential customers. Regardless of whether or not you make a sale, the influencer is still boosting brand awareness on your business’s behalf.

Increased brand awareness improves your business’s reputation and sales. Many people learn about brands for the first time through influencers. Consumers are more likely to learn about a brand if an influencer they like is advertising it.

For example, if your audience is mothers, considering collaborating with Brittany Nichols. As an influencer/mom who posts lifestyle content, she’ll take your brand awareness among moms to new heights.

More brand awareness leads to brand recall. It’s brand recall that increases sales.

4. Better Brand Image

Influencers improve your brand image. They do this by using their own brand image to benefit yours. This makes people associate your brand with the influencer’s brand and perceive your brand positively as a result.

When an influencer promotes a brand, their audience is far more likely to receive it positively than other audiences. Associating that influencer with your brand makes people think about your brand better, thereby boosting your brand image.

For instance, if an influencer makes a video about your brand, it’ll improve your brand image. It’ll also improve your video marketing strategy.

5. Affordable

Hiring an influencer is more affordable than you think. There are influencers available for every budget range out there.

There are big-time influencers, but there are also nano- and micro-influencers. On average, smaller influencers get more audience engagement than macro-influencers do. They’re super affordable too.

Embrace the Power of Influencer Marketing

72% of the public uses some kind of social media platform. This proves the audience for influencer marketing has never been bigger.

Influencer marketing also increases your ranking in search engines. Therefore, it helps with SEO.

Inform your strategy—check out our business articles. It’ll make you more money than ever.