Lesser-Known Benefits to Send your Little One to a Preschool


Education is to read some books and clear the examination with good scores, but real education is beyond that. It is a constant process that begins from infancy. Thus it is vital to invest enough energy and time to search for a good preschool. A child is akin to a blooming bud to nurture them properly to help them bloom into a beautiful flower.

Benefits Galore

When you choose an excellent preschool such as Thrive Preschool for your child, he/she can benefit in the following ways,

  • Encourages Physical Development – It is the physical development that will impact your child’s ability to learn directly. Fine motor skills are essential for a kid to properly hold a pencil to write as he/she grows up. The gross motor skill is entire body movement, which enables a child to coordinate and balance actions. A suitable preschool environment will give your child what they need to make the right progress in such vital physical developments, including enough time spent outdoors. A preschool will help your child make that mind-body connection, which develops such skills and improves their self-confidence as they feel self-sufficient and physically capable in their bodies.
  • Establish Emotional and Social Development – A preschool will help to develop your child’s social-emotional skills. These comprise self-regulating their intense emotions, showing empathy for classmates, and learning to take turns & learn to share. In the absence of such skills, your little one will face difficulty to move on to academic achievement later on. It is a preschool that will offer a safe and challenging environment for kids to learn ways to handle the loss of toys or quietly listen to a story sans interruption. Such experiences will help them to explore various feelings and build a self-regulation foundation.
  • Learn 123s and ABCs – Your little one will learn numbers and letters in preschool, yet at their pace as well as through playing games. A preschool will never sit children down to teach them. Instead, they teach kids through different activities that your child will find enjoyable, such as play with blocks. For instance, to help your child learn a language or strengthen pre-reading skills, the preschool teachers will let children tell stories and play rhyming games. To help them learn pre-math skills, the teachers will tell kids to count the food items in snack time, play a memory game, and use the calendar to count days for the much-awaited preschool play.
  • Self-care – Your child’s self-worth and sense of competence will grow when they learn about self-care and help others. The teachers will tell kids to get involved in real work, such as telling kids to set the table during snack time. Kids must wash hands before snack time, put toys away before moving to new activities, and keep personal stuff in the cubby.

Apart from these benefits, there are other benefits to send your child to a preschool, such as kids can make choices, promote cognitive skills and language, nurture the child’s curiosity, and develop motor skills, among others.