The Most Heart-Breaking Celebrity Breakups in 2019


We feel that 2019 was not a great year for lovers as we have witnessed many celebrity breakups all through the year. Love was certainly not in the air for several celebrity couples who ended their marital relationship. We keep reading the news of Hollywood celebrities falling in love while acting on set. However, in reality, not even a week passes without a Hollywood celebrity couple splitting up and also getting a divorce. Even though divorce is pretty common in our society, it is certainly more common in the case of celebrity couples who are both rich and famous.

Celebrity couples

As per, unfortunately, infidelity is common with the married couple. However, as per interesting Divorce Statistics, almost 17 percent of breakups is because of cheating and as much as 36 percent of women and men admitted to getting involved in a relationship with co-workers.  You need to understand that acting is a fascinating job where you need to get physically intimate with your co-actors. Besides, there could be emotional cheating. All this could explain why a string in other celebrity divorces took place in 2019.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk and also Bradley Cooper split up in early June 2019. There were rumors of a rift between the two from the Oscar season; however, they tried their best to make the marriage work for their only child Lea De Seine. They often tried to patch up the situation for their daughter. Things ultimately did not work between them and also they were compelled to go for a breakup.

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Tristan Thompson & Khloé Kardashian

This happened to be the most talked-about and also dramatic Hollywood breakup of the year. Thompson and also Kardashian have gone through a mind-shattering divorce amid reports of Thompson cheating her. We heard that he is having a relationship with Kylie Jenner’s bosom pal, Jordyn Woods.

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Christian Carino & Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s representative confirmed that she broke up her engagement and also left Christian Carino who is supposed to be a well-known talent agent. Their marriage just could not work well at all. We need to realize and also acknowledge that relationships often come to an end. You must respect that fact and part your ways if your marriage is not working well.

Spicy Story

The spokesperson on behalf of Lady Gaga admitted that there was no spicy story behind their breakup. Things were just not working between the two. While talking to People Magazine, the spokesperson said that sometimes relationships do come to an end. There may not be any dramatic story behind every breakup.;center,top&resize=480:*


Demi Lovato & Austin Wilson

According to a reliable source, Lovato and also Wilson have parted ways for good. The singer confirmed this news on December 20 and requested the press to stop going after her model ex-husband. She said that Wilson was a good person and was very good at heart so that people should not judge him unfairly. There’s much more to him than the tattoos that meet the eye. While replying to a fan on Instagram she admits that divorces are painful and difficult for both concerned parties. She wanted her fans to behave nicely, stay cool, and also pray for them.


It could be quite sad to see our hot-favorite celebrity couples break up. Their divorces could come as a bolt from the blue to their fans. Often so-called ‘Made for Each Other’ couples part ways. But the show must go on. We can only wish them luck.