How Facial Recognition Technology Impacts Betting Industry


The betting industry becomes larger each year and attracts more people every day. For most people betting is entertainment, which gives a feeling of rush and risk. For others, it’s a way to obtain high rewards, which requires analyzing tons of information and looking into different sports events. Just to place a bet on UCL at Parimatch for an experienced bettor takes a deep thought to make a proper choice. And for others, such a choice is a call of a heart and a way to support a favorite team and get some money.

Most people visit a bookie platform for various purposes, but not everyone follows the platform`s fair uses policies and commits fraudulent activities to get more money. In order to identify violators, a company implements different security systems and one of the most important and effective is face recognition technology.

The face recognition system is integrated into most online betting sites and scans the uploaded face images and photo documents. Thus, the system is able to identify fraudsters and persons who violate the rules of the bookie.

Using facial recognition during the verification procedure

Licensed bookmaker companies are guided by the KYC principle, which means, that person must provide photos of the document and a selfie with it before granting access to placing bets on the bookmaker site or withdrawing money.

After providing all the necessary images, the system begins scanning the photos. The facial recognition system checks special points on the human face, which is called nodal, and determines the age of a person, compares the face with the image in the photo, and checks for the presence in internal or global databases.

After completing the verification, the client will receive a notification and will be able to see his verification status in the profile. If all the photos were provided as requested, the player will have access to all the functions of the bookie website.

Also, do not worry about the data – companies comply with the rules for using personal data and do not transfer it to third parties.

Which violations facial recognition system can find

Not all users of betting sites are honest and resort to various methods to cheat the system and violate the company’s rules. But the accuracy of the face recognition system detects different violations with one hundred percent probability. Such violations are extremely serious and lead to restrictions and punishment on the website.

Use of incorrect documents

In an attempt to cheat the system or hide real personality, unscrupulous clients use fake or damaged documents with incorrect face photos. But the advanced face recognition system easily detects such documents and rejects the verification request.

Using photo editors

If a client uses a third-person document and tries to make changes to the selfie using a photo editor, it will be easily detected by the system. Such changes violate the location of the nodal points on the face and lead to the detection of such interference.

Client’s inappropriate age

Only those persons who have reached the legal age are allowed to bet on sports. If the user has not reached that age and forges documents, the system is able to analyze the face and identify the real age of the person. As a result, the client will be recognized and restricted from accessing the website.

Using duplicate profiles

Some clients create additional profiles on betting sites in order to get more winnings on bets, which violate bookies policy. If the client has previously verified one profile and is trying to go through the procedure on another account, the system will detect a match of the face in the photo.