All You Need to Know About Google EAT Score


EAT scores are one of the Google ranking factors that help identify the pages with high-quality content and the pages with low-quality content. These scores define what a user will experience and get after visiting a web page. The user experience depends on how knowledgeable your website content is and what are the chances of finding the searched content.

Based on the content available on a website, Google ranks web pages as high-quality and low-quality pages. The content is not only the text but the images, videos, and graphics are also the content for a web page. If your website has a higher EAT score, then it means that the content available is knowledgeable, and the user will have a better experience on your website.

Keep scrolling down the article to explore details about the Google EAT score and tips for improving this score for your website.

Top 3 Components of Google EATScore

For calculating how good the content is on your website and how knowledgeable it is, three components are considered. These three components will decide the score for the web pages; these scores will then decide your website ranking along with other SEO factors.

Below is the list of components that are a part of EAT score.

1) Expertise

The E in the EAT score stands for expertise; it states that the content writer must have the expertise in writing the relevant content. For example, a person expert in the medical field will be able to write better quality content for a health and fitness website. The way you write and what you write highly impacts your website rankings. That is why many website owners hire professional SEO services in Dubai to develop optimized content, increasing chances for better page rankings.

2) Authoritativeness

Authoritativeness refers to the reputation of a website or the content from the perspective of other individuals and experts. When people consider your website or web pages as a go-to source of their information, then it means the website has the authority. One of the best ways to know the authoritativeness of a website is by looking at the reviews provided by the users and other websites. This score is made based on the experience of the individuals, group of people, and experts on your website.

3) Trustworthiness

The trustworthiness of a website is very important, especially for e-commerce websites. The trustworthiness of a website comes from various factors, but in terms of the website content, it is about the source of the content and the backlinks. While checking the trustworthiness of a website, Google evaluates the quality of backlinks and other sources of content on your website. Higher content quality means higher will be trust rates, and trustworthy websites will have better scores.

Top 3 Ways to Improve EAT Score

There could be various reasons behind poor EAT scores and website content; it becomes crucial to improve these scores, especially when you want higher rankings. With poor EAT scores, the user experience will also be poor, and user experience is one of the factors considered by search engines while ranking websites. Get more at groovy bot 

Following are some of the ways you can improve the EAT score for your website.

1. Do research

It is obvious that proper research and inspection are important before putting out anything on your website. You need to make sure that the information you are putting on your website is correct and there is no false information. Even the guest posts on your website also need to be accurate and provide valuable information on the relevant topic for the users. Not doing research will result in inaccurate information reducing trustworthiness and EAT scores.

2. Stick to your expertise

Do not exaggerate things and make your content complex. It is better to stick to your core and what your brand is about. Do not add excessive or extra content that does not speak of your brand or your services. Sticking to your expertise will minimize the complexities and mistakes in your content. With no mistakes and wrong information on your website, the trustworthiness of the user increases, which improves your overall EAT score.

3. Discuss your user needs

The content you create must be good enough to meet the user requirements and resolve their issues. An expert writer will know very well about the user needs and address those needs in the developed content. If the users cannot find what they are searching for, then your websites will have lower EAT scores. You can acquire professionals to help you develop optimized quality content and implement other SEO activities to improve website rankings.

Improve These Ranking Scores with Professionals!

If you want your websites to rank better, you need to ensure that your Google EAT scores are higher. Along with these scores, several other factors also impact your website rankings which you need to keep in mind. So, make sure you have hired SEO professionals to optimize your website and increase its rankings by increasing these scores.