Choosing the best domain name of your blog for brand

Choosing the best domain name for your blog

What makes the domain name best for the blog? It’s important to know about it before you create a blog. Before discussing, let’s get some knowledge about it. It is an address for accessing your blog on the internet. Actually, the address is given in number (IP address) but since they are very difficult to remember, the domain name is used which reflect the IP address.

The domain name must be unique. It can be a combination of letters and numbers. The name comes with the extension which has different purposes. .com is used for a commercial website, .net for network, .biz for business, .gov for governmental website, etc. The blog generally uses a .com extension. The price of the domain name depends on the extension you want to buy. It can cost between $10-$25 per year.

Choosing the best domain name

The key to your success in blogging is choosing the right and the perfect domain name. Frequently changing the domain will hurt your brand as well as search ranking. The first and foremost step in starting the blog is choosing the domain name. There are different factors to follow for the selection of the best domain name. Use the following methods for best selection.

Short and rememberable

The domain name should be short and easily rememberable. It mustn’t be so long. Try to make it short and sweet so that everyone can remember for directly accessing the blog. It must be easily said and spell. Also, It must be catchy which can contain the brand name or the personal name. It is recommended to have 15 characters.

Use .com extension for your blog

There are many domain extensions available like .pizza, .blog, etc. But I would recommend using a .com extension. It is still the most established and credible domain name extension. It is the most legit domain extension. The .com extension is the most memorable. Moreover, the most smartphone keyboard automatically has a .com key. Most of the people use .com extension for accessing the website or blog.

Include the keyword in the domain name

Keywords are the major SEO factor. The niche of the blog tells the search engine about your website. It improves the search engine ranking on the search engine which increases the traffic to your blog. You have to find the name which should include the keyword so that the people finds easy to know what the blog is about. Since the domain name must be unique, it is difficult to find out one but you can use the different tools in getting the ideas.

Avoid hyphen, double letters, copyright name in the domain name

A hyphen can be the sign of spam website, so you should avoid it. It is often prone to typos. The hyphen can also confuse the visitors with the original website (if available). You must not use any numbers or special characters in the name to make it real and original.

The Double letters in the domain are prone to typos and are sometimes confused. Due to double letters, you can lose a good amount of traffic. By eradicating the double letter, the domain name looks more genuine and brandable.

Never use a copyright name in your blog address. Don’t try to use a brand name as well. It will confuse your visitors. Make your own brand so that visitors can have more faith in your blog. If you use the copyright names, your site can be taken down anytime. For example, If you use facebook tips and tricks as a domain name, then your blog can be down anytime which causes legal issues as well. You can perform a trademark search for any similar or exact match with your brand name.

Get new ideas from domain generators

About 400 million domain names are already taken which definitely makes you difficult in choosing the desired one. You might not get the domain name you have planned for. In this case, Domain name Generators can be used for getting new suggestions and ideas. It makes easier for selecting one for your blog. Moreover, you can get an idea about the pricing of different generated domains.

SEO domains are expensive than the common domain. You can just take the common domain with the proper price and SEO optimized it. Just you need to enter the keyword and you will be provided with a lot of suggestion. Some of the good tools for generating the suggestion of Domain names are Nameboy, isitwp domain generator, etc.

Make your domain name unique and Brandable

We all know that blog address should be unique and no two names can be the same. So, in choosing one make sure that it is not matching any other blog name or confusing with the other name.

The purpose of creating the blog is branding. The domain should be chosen is a manner that it reflects the brand of your blog. Branding the blog wins the trust of your visitors.

To Sum up

You can’t change the domain after buying it. So, you have to be careful in choosing the one. You can lose search engine ranking and hence traffic of your blog if you change the domain frequently.