Lack of financial protection for people working from home during coronavirus pandemic is turning out stressful

Work From Home

Almost throughout March and April, several US technology protection companies and many others have encouraged their employees. To work from home amid the ravaging coronavirus crisis that has so far claimed more lives than what the US lost in the Vietnam War. As the coronavirus wave is driving the country towards a catastrophe and people. Are forced to stay confined at homes, the only ray of hope. That keeps people ticking is the opportunity of working from home and save themselves from the possible mental depression that is affecting many people.

Worries and more worries

Despite the scope of working from home, the coronavirus pandemic has left many people very worried. Especially those who turn out asymptomatic or do not show any signs of the disease but are silent carriers who can infect numerous people who come near them. The problem is that these people are not sick in the true sense of the term. But would have to stay out of work as they need to stay in quarantine for at least 14 days.  When protection people stay confined and separated from their family members and others. They experience immense anxiety due to health uncertainties as well as the threat of loss of earning.

Paid sick leave or not?

The biggest question that people in quarantine keep asking is whether. They would get paid for the period they are out of work. The clamor is growing as more and more people want to know whether they would be eligible for paid sick leave if they fall sick or stay in quarantine. Many people are not compensated when they are out of work. Because of quarantine, sickness, or family needs arising from the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. 

What the law says

Laws regarding provisions for paid sick leave are now currently available in only ten states and even in the District of Columbia that provides the answer to the question in some ways. In addition, similar laws about paid sick leave are applicable in nearly two dozen counties and cities. This is just too little for such a large country as most people remain out of the ambit of the laws related to paid sick leave. The worries of financial protection loom large among people. Working from home, too, because of the threat of a virus attack.

What lays ahead

Coronavirus pandemic has already caused massive unemployment in the US, and the threat of loss of wages due to sickness or confinement is causing mental distress for millions of protection people in the absence of countrywide laws about paid sick leave.

However, there is constant pushing from the political circles about implementing legislation. That would provide paid leave for those who stay unpaid for absence due to sickness. The Congressional Democrats have been pushing for it since March, and the members of the administration. And Republicans have also expressed their openness to negotiations on any proposal.

That something positive might come up soon keeps up the hopes. During the most difficult times that the world has ever witnessed.