The Best Gadgets As You Age


Often the older generations are less interested in technology, but the truth is there are so many gadgets out there that can help improve your life and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible as you age. If you’re looking for something fun to gift your grandparent, or parent, or something to treat yourself with, then keep reading to learn my suggestions for the best gadgets as you age.

1. Stairlifts
Do you live in a multi storey house? As you age, this can become a real bother, right through to a real danger. Falling when you’re older can have catastrophic consequences for your health, including breaking bones and needing surgeries. For this reason the best change you can make to your multilevel home as you age is installing a stairlift. You can install stairlifts with barely any changes to your home structure, meaning that the overall look and aesthetic remains unchanged. It can make it very easy for your elderly members to navigate the otherwise dangerous stairs, giving you peace of mind and security.

2. Alexa

Gifting an Alexa can be a great way to bring a little more technology into your family member’s home. Alexa can make it very easy to play music without getting up or looking for a remote, and can help you even turn off lights around your home if you have smart switches installed. You can also ask Alexa to help with simple tasks like setting timers, asking about the weather outside, and even to tell you the time. Alexa can make life a little bit easier, so can be a great gift.

3. Ring Doorbell
I love my Ring doorbell because I can check who’s at the door without having to walk all the way the the front door. For elderly people, or those of us with limited mobility, it can be a lifesaver, especially if we’re in a busy area with frequent visitors. You can use your Ring doorbell to screen your visitors too, which can make you feel more confident and secure especially if you live alone.

4. Weighted Blanket
While a weighted blanket probably isn’t a gadget per say, it’s definitely different from a standard blanket. A weighted blanket can help improve the quality of your sleep, which is something many people struggle with as they age. It can also help reduce anxiety, allowing you to enjoy more restful sleep too. You can find a variety of options at different price points to suit most budgets!

These are wonderful gift ideas if you’re looking to purchase something for an older family member.