Top Tips For Finding The Best Small Dog Beds For Your Precious Pup


Your loyal companion deserves blissful sleep and dreams of meadows filled with treats, so how do you ensure they have the right accessories for the job? These days, there are plenty of small dog beds out there, and sorting through them all to find one that’s going to work for both your puppy and you can seem like a challenge.

Thankfully, there are a couple of key criteria that distinguish the best small dog beds from the rest. Here are a couple of top tips for finding small dog beds your adorable dog is guaranteed to love –

High-Quality Materials Equals High-Quality Dog Bed

The first criteria to keep an eye out for is to make sure you’re finding materials that are truly high quality. A lot of people are tempted to put style first when it comes to small dog beds, but even if it looks nice, this is no guarantee your puppy’s going to want to sleep in it unless it’s actually made out of materials that are comforting.

The best small dog beds will have considered this in their production. Memory foam dog beds in particular can be a great option if you want your puppy to have that right balance of support and comfort in their sleep.

Finding Small Dog Beds That Are Puppy Proof

Your precious pooch means well, but that doesn’t keep them from tracking dirt inside the home, having accidents, or staining their beds with drool or bite marks through the course of use. That’s why it’s especially important your dog beds are built to keep any messes at bay.

Finding a dog bed that has washable, removable covers might seem like a small, insignificant detail right now, but it’s going to be one you’re very grateful for in the long run. That’s because ease of cleaning is key to durability when it comes to a dog bed – the last thing you want to be doing is repurchasing your product after a year once your puppy has had their way with it.

Pick A Shape And Size That’s Best For Your Pup

Of course, the best dog beds are going to come with options when it comes to size. You do not want your puppy to feel like they have to huddle up to get comfortable on their bed. Even with small dog beds, you’ll want to ensure you’re leaving plenty of space around the circumference of their space to keep them comfortable through the night.

If you’re shopping for your puppy, you’ll want to account for the size you’re expecting them to be as they grow older. On the other hand, if you’re shopping for an older dog, you’ll already have a sense of the size they require, which will make shopping for the right bed a lot easier for you.

Taking Your Puppy’s Sleep Habits Into Consideration

Finally, one last thing to keep in mind when choosing the right dog bed for your pup is to take their sleep habits into consideration. The shape of your dog bed should really be determined by the sleep position your dog tends to take most often – if they do like being huddled up, then an oval or round dog bed might work better for them.

On the other hand, if your puppy prefers to spread out when they’re napping, then a larger square or rectangle bed will work better.

Just as humans do, dogs need a good amount of sleep to recover and be energized throughout the day. Dog beds are a comfy and cozy option that helps you keep your bedroom clean, and using this guide to pick out the best dog bed for your sweet friend will help you both in the long term.