Why has New York become a breeding group for COVID-19 infections?


The latest updates have made New York the current epicenter infections of COVID-19 in the U.S. The number of COVID-19 positive cases here are increasing with every passing day. And that’s what has kept everybody wondering! What could go wrong for New York to witness its current, dangerous predicament? It’s surprising to know that New York today has seen more death counts, that are significantly more than 9/11. Going by the latest records, New York state today has approximately 1,60,000 confirmed novel coronavirus infections. The count is more than that what Italy and Spain had to undergo.

The race against time

Mayor Bill de Blasio asserted that New York today is fighting its race against time. Blasio, further shared that everyone in New York is managing an enemy that killing several thousand Americans. Also, some people are dying pointlessly. Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the increasing foreign visitors is what made New York city get affected to this extent. To date, there are close to 9,30,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the numbers are likely to increase as well.

 A few important facts

New York recorded the very first infection back on March 1st. The individual was a health care worker who had returned from Iran a while back. And just after another two days, New York got two other cases as well, when a New Rochelle based lawyer got infected. The increasing deaths so far have bewildered the hospitals as well. It’s because even in a region that has all the urban facilities and high-end healthcare systems, the virus still didn’t fail to attack mercilessly. With 10,000 residents every square kilometer, New York happens to be the densest U.S city.

The city details that count

Today, there are a million commuters collide against one another on the busy subways and other nexuses, which can multiply the virus infection count. It has become crucial for the city to keep a safe distance in the narrow sidewalks as people step outside to buy their essential groceries. Also, annually New York City welcomes over 60 million travelers and tourists from various parts of the globe. The city also acts as the entry gate to America. Hence, if there’s a person infected by the COVID -19, he/she might start to affect others in American, to begin with.

Furthermore, American genetics calculate that infections started to distribute in February from Europe. It happened even before the first confirmed case recorded in NYC on March 1st. Even the Big Apple today gets depicted by vast socio-economic inequality.

Life has come to a standstill.

The majority of Americans today have received the order to stay inside their houses. Family members should send only one person to purchase the essential groceries or medicines or visit a doctor when there’s a real need for the same. And when people are out, they need to wear the N95 or any other mask to stay secured.

The deprived, overcrowded areas, especially the Queens and Bronx, are places where people don’t have the best medical care and also suffer from other health issues. And in recent times, these two places have also witnessed increasing infection rates.

The sad reality that people in New York have to face is this – even though the city had the precondition of being hit hard, still no adequate measure was taken. All these resulted in the present doom.

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