A Guide on Removing the Stains from a Hat


Wearing a hat regularly or for weekend getaways can make it dirty from sweat or mud. You might also notice the perspiration stains on the cap. To clean your hat and make it anew, one needs to contemplate a few factors, such as the material, severity of the stains, and whether the cap is machine washable. Below are a few ways that can aid you on your path to hat cleanliness:

Say No to Dishwashers

No matter how much you get tempted to throw your hat in the dishwasher, consider this method as a significant risk to the hat. Many people believe that if the headgear is safe for washing machines, one can wash it through dishwashers. However, the high heat levels and the agitation of the dishwasher can fray the hat’s material. Also, if there are any decorative items, it is sure to destroy them. Dishwashers are a strict no to the straw, linen, and wool hats. Another aspect of the dishwashers is the containment of the bleaching agents. Such chemicals can fade the color of the hat.

Bleach for Hats – Yes or No?

‍Bleach can cause white hats to cause yellow stains. It is ironic but true. Instead of bleach, you can use baking soda to clean the hat, making it free from stains.

Know the Fabric

‍Reading the care label of the hat is crucial before heading for the cleaning process. If the label reads only dry clean, you need to follow the required instructions. Reputed hat manufacturers, such as Americanhatmakers.com, always give their customers a brief about the care process for the hats they sell. Use the best judgment and understand the care process for each hat, based on the material. 

Cotton and Synthetic Hats

‍Most cotton hats are safe for machine washing. However, antique baseball hats comprise cardboard, which can get ruined in water. These hats are the easiest to wash, which is why the preference rate of such hats increase. You can contact a reliable leather hat maker online and check for the wide variety of hats to buy from.

Wool Hats

Experts recommend hand washing or dry cleaning technique to clean wool and wool felt hats.

Straw Hats

‍Straw hats are usually crushable, water repellant, and strong. However, that does not mean you can put it in a washing machine. Also, you should not fully dunk it in water if you are washing it by hand. For such a material, spot cleaning with a mild detergent is the preferred way to remove stains and clean them.

Knit Caps

‍Knit caps constitute materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, rayon, nylon, and acrylic. Such materials are delicate and need a gentle procedure while stain removal or washing. Although you can opt for a machine wash or manually do it, ensure you consider all the necessary methods.

Avoid Color Smudges

Multicolor hats constitute different colors, and there is a high possibility that color smudging will occur. Therefore, it is wise to carry out a simple dip test. Dip a transparent cloth in warm water and rub it on a particular area on the Leather hat. If the dye rubs off, you cannot wash it in water, and the best alternative is to dry clean it.

How to Remove Stains?

The process for removing the stains from the hats is as follows:


Pretreatment is essential for stained areas. You can spray a non-bleach stain remover on the stains and let it rest for half an hour. Following that, you can scrub the area. You might notice stubborn streaks at this point. If so, let it soak for some more time. After this step, you have the choice to either put it in the washing machine or wash it by hand.

Washing Machine

‍Always remember to place the hat in a garment bag to protect it during the cycle. This holds for knit, wool, and baseball hats, which are delicate and can risk getting destroyed. Use a non-bleach mild detergent with the temperature as low as cold water for best results. You can wash the hat normally with similar colored clothes on the gentle cycle. After the wash, there is no need to put the hat in the dryer. Air-dry the hat to retain its shape and prevent any shrinkage. Some materials shrink after every wash, especially wool. Keep it away from direct sunlight, preferably near to a window with proper aeration.‍


‍You can use laundry detergent from somewhere like The Laundress and soak the hat in warm water. The soapy water helps in removing any stains. Rinse the hats with running water, preferably cold, until clean. Ensure you do not squeeze the excess water from the hat in a harsh manner. Slightly dab the hat with a clean towel and let it air dry.

Hats can add a pop to every look. However, sweat, body oils, and other environmental factors play a significant role in staining headgears. In light of this, paying attention to the correct cleaning method is essential. By keeping in mind the above factors, one can offer appropriate care to your hat collection and make your hat fresh and clean, ready to flaunt to the world.