Motorcycle Road Trip Planning Checklist.


A motorcycle road trip is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventures you can have. It requires nothing except a bike and an adventurous mind. If you have these, get ready for an exciting and fun-filled journey that will completely refresh your mind. Wait. Before leaving your house, you should know some things about bike road tripping. There is no doubt that motorcycle road tripping is full of fun. But there are some issues that can make your journey totally different as you didn’t want to have. Before you start your journey, read the following things that will help you tremendously on the road. Note that if you’re doing a road trip with a larger vehicle, you can also easily bring your bike along with a motorcycle bike rack.

Watch out for fatigue: Motorcycle riding is more tiring than car driving. So before getting on the road, you should know that you will have a tough time physically, indeed. This will happen if you go without any safety guards with you. Many people think that having all the safety guards is totally useless. But safety guards are needed not only for your safety on the road but also for getting comfortability while riding. So get different safety guards in your hand like quality hand gloves and also for legs, chest, head, etc. If any unexpected things happen, you will be safe due to these protections.

Check your bike: Before leaving your house, you should check your bike carefully. Riding in a long distant place requires a fit and error-free bike. So make sure that your motorcycle is fully ready. You can get your bike in the servicing center to check out if it has any error or not. You should do this even during the trip. After riding 150 to 200 miles,  you can check if there is any error or not.

Take practice rides: If you are planning to go on a bike riding trip in a  distant place, don’t get started right now. You should spend some time with your bike first. A bike is such a thing that can cause trouble at any time. If you go for a practise ride, you will get to know if there is any problem or not. There is another reason why we suggest spending some time with your bike before going on a long road trip. You are going to ride for a long time and you need to adjust your hands and body with the bike. So, go for a practice ride.

Invest in a good windshield: When you are riding at high speed, the thing that will annoy you the most is the wind. This is a great disturbance for every biker. To get rid of this problem, you should get a good quality windshield. A windshield is a plate on the front side of the bike that diverts the wind from hitting on your face. It also protects your eyes from road dust. If you don’t have a windshield on your bike, you can’t even see clearly forward due to heavy wind. So, get a windshield that can help you to ride comfortably.

Take breaks: Well, riding for a distant place at high speed is really enjoyable and people don’t want to take a break to enjoy the moment. Instantly you may feel you don’t need to take a rest. But it will create complexity for you later. You will get tired soon and won’t be able to ride further. So our suggestion is to take a rest after some time. Take a break every 70 to 100 miles. But before stopping in a place, look carefully where you are. You should stop for a rest in a crowded place like any shop or market.

Stick to your route with a GPS: No matter where you are going, never forget to stick your route with a GPS. A GPS device can help you a lot to find out where you are going. You don’t need anyone even when you are going there for the first time. You can also go for a solo trip with a GPS device. You just need to buy a GPS device and set it up on your bike.

Considering the distance, you should always prepare for your motorcycle road trip. You will have fun for sure. But if you don’t plan wisely for your road trip, you may suffer a lot. So, spend some time on planning and then the execution. Hopefully, you will get a great journey.