Aftercare tips for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

Microblading is the process in which experts cut the skin to implant colored pigment. So, this is an invasive process, it goes without saying that aftercare is of utmost importance.

In this article, let us find out more about the many tips that you can follow. These tips will also ensure that the eyebrow tattoo that you invest in will last longer and also have no adverse effects on your health. So, read on for more information in the paragraphs that follow.

Maintenance tips for eyebrow tattoo

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  • Avoid moisture or water in the area where you have done the tattoo for at least a week or some time more. It means that you cannot wet your face while you take a shower.
  • You must stay without makeup for 7 days after the procedure because, one of the main reasons cited for this is that the pigments take some time to settle down into the cuts in the eyebrow. So, any other chemical from the makeup that reaches the site is not desirable.
  • Blading will inevitably make the area itch, or you will feel like tugging at it from time to time. Do not rub your eyebrows or place your fingers on the microblading site. So, it can not only lead to infections from the dust that gathers in your fingers but also leave the place tender.
  • As far as certain activities are concerned, like swimming, going for a sauna is an absolute no. Also, make sure that you do not sweat in that area at least till the time the area does not heal completely.
  • If the cosmetic surgeon has given you any healing cream or medicated ointment, apply that regularly till the duration the surgeon suggests.
  • Although, it will require some effort, make sure that your hair does not touch the site of microblading.
  • Aside from the above tips, your Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Calgaryservice provider will offer invaluable advice about aftercare and maintenance tips that you must follow religiously.,

Aftercare or follow-up treatment

Once you have a microblading done in your eyebrows, experts suggest that you must opt for a “touch-up” one year from the time you have done the first one. Here touch-up means that you have to add the pigments to the eyebrows basically outline again.

Exposure to the sun is likely to cause the color of the eyebrows to fade. As such, you can apply sunscreen whenever you go out of the house or if you have to stay outdoors for longer periods. That is because although it is a permanent procedure, over the years, it will fade out. Approximately two years after, you have to add pigment afresh again. In other words, you have to repeat the procedure. It is always a good idea to get the microblading done by a reliable and well-known cosmetic technician. It is, after all, an invasive procedure and requires expert hands to work on you.