Choosing Web Host Company for your blog


Web Host is the server on the internet which provides you resources like CPU, RAM, etc. space on the Internet for your blog. You need to choose the type of web host which is suitable for your blog. If your blog generates less amount of traffic, then it is better to go with shared hosting.

A web host provides configuration for connecting the domain with your server. One should understand what type of hosting you need for your blog. The web host package or company depends on resources, traffics, space, bandwidth, etc. to your blog. Choosing the web host also depends on the blogging platforms you are using for your blog.

Choosing the Web host company

You need to beware for choosing the Web host. There is no benefit of choosing dedicated hosting if you are starting a blog with no traffic and space required is very low. Its a total waste of money if you select the Window hosting and you know to blog only with WordPress. Go through this article to know about the thing you need to consider in choosing the hosting company. Here is a list of some warnings and important points for choosing the type of web hosting and selecting the web host company. Some web hosting company includes Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

Pricing of the hosting

Pricing is an important factor for web hosting. Normally every hosting company provides the facility at a similar price. Only the difference is that some provide more features some provide less. One should select the web hosting package which provides quality services at a low price. It doesn’t mean that you have to select the lowest price company.

Beware of Unlimited Offers

In fact, there are nothing unlimited things. If you encounter any unlimited services, then don’t believe in them instead research on them what type of resource will be provided to you. When you use the web host service of such company, they will surely ask you for upgrading your packages. If not, your site will be down. So don’t believe in unlimited offers.

Understanding the server types

You need to understand the server type you need for your blog. If you want to create a blog then, you need WordPress installment on the server which needs Linux hosting. There are many types of hosting which you need to choose according to your need and requirement. You need to go for shared hosting if you are going to start a blog. Later on, you can upgrade to VPS and dedicated server if you need more.

Security for your blog

Security is most important for your blog. Some web hosting company provide free SSL if you go with them. You should notice the type of SSL it is providing. Cloudflare SSL is free to use on your blog. Domain privacy, Backup is needed for your blog. Protection of DoS attack and hackers injection on your blog.

Features and Add-on

Make research on every web hosting company what type of features and Adds on it is providing and do you really need it. Add-on is the marketing strategy in today’s world. You need to focus on features rather on Add-on. Free Domain privacy, regular data backup, credits for Google Ads, etc. are some of the Add-0n you need for a blog.

Estimation of Traffic and Space

You need to estimate the traffics for your blog. The web hosting package should be chosen according to the number of traffic you will be getting. Packages must be chosen according to disk size required for hosting of your blog. If you are hosting your blog with WordPress, you need just 200MB disk space. But if you are using lots of images, then you need more than that. You need more than 1 GB storage when you use Cache Plugin on y0ur blog. Number of traffic to your blog consume bandwidth of your server. You should work on traffic estimation and accordingly hosting should be selected.

Control Panel and Features

Control Panel made the blogging easier. One click WordPress installation really made easy for using the blog. Moreover, many features of the Control panel helps you in customization of your blog and root access to your blog. The control panel helps you to manage email accounts, access your files directly, update the software you are using.

Technical and Customer Support

Selection of the web host company should be done according to the support the company is providing. The support is very important to know the failure of your blog or site. Select the web host company which offers 24X7 chat, calls, email response, etcfor complex tasks like application hosting, sharepoint migration services and office 365 hybrid migration at a very low cost.

Customer Review, Reputation

You can’t get every information about the web host company. You definitely go for a customer review. Whenever people use the service, they leave a comment on their own blog or some forums. They simply show proof that if they are satisfied with the services they are given. You will get more detail about the features of the web host company.