Darius Jasinski Suggests How to Safely Arrange a Dinner Party during the Pandemic

Darius Jasinski
Darius Jasinski

When the novel coronavirus hit the world, it changed so many aspects of our normal and daily lives. It’s very much important to chill, relax, and socialize safely. Hosting a dinner party allows you to reconnect with your friends and family members. The roasted marshmallow and chicken, comfort foods, and drinks will help you to cherish the night even longer. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while hosting a safe dinner party for both you and your guests. Follow these recommendations to experience a stress-free and safe evening:

Host the Party Outside and Maintain Social Distance

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) always recommends choosing outdoor spaces over indoor because outdoor spaces are less perilous. You might also face difficulty maintaining 6 feet distance when hosting the party indoors. Host the entire dinner party outside and consider the maximum number of people that can fit there while maintaining social distance. If you host a party in winter, try to use some outdoor heat lamps. You can also ask your guests to bring warm blankets.

Safely Set Each Table

You should set each table keeping the social distancing in mind. Family members from the same house don’t need to maintain social distance. But guests from other houses should be distanced from you. For example, if you have invited a couple to your dinner party, they can sit close to each other but have to maintain 6 feet distance from you or your family. It’s better to set the table in advance. Thus, your guests will have an idea about the seating arrangement. Darius Jasinski suggests you add hand sanitizers and napkins to each table as well as near the entrance.

Only Allow a Small Number of People to Handle Food

You should not allow all your guests to handle and serve food. You can provide an individual buffet area for each household. To achieve this, each dish must be portioned into a single bowl per household. This way, each household can enjoy their meal without worrying about food serving. In case of any shareable items such as dressings and condiments, designate one specific person to do that job.

You should not allow guests to enter the kitchen room or any other area where food is being cooked. Generally, your family should be in charge of handling food.

Remember that COVID-19 does not spread through foods. But, you need to wash your hands frequently while handling the food.

Provide a Garbage Bag to Each Household

The best idea to get rid of disposals is to provide a garbage bag to each household. Thus, they can store all the disposable items like napkins, plates, and cups in their garbage bag. Ask your guests to clean up themselves. This way you won’t need anyone to come inside. Try to provide a marker to each household so they can write their names on the garbage bag.

Remind Your Guests about the Ground Rules

When your guests arrive, remind them about the importance of social distancing and ask them to wear masks. Also, inform them if they have permission to use the bathroom, and if so, which bathroom is particularly designed for guests.


Remember one thing, no matter how many precautions you take, you are not risk-free against C0VID-19. However, you can minimize the risk factors by using these suggestions. You have the right to make memories, but do it in a stress-free and safe way.