How to create a blog in the right way for successful blogging?


Do you think you should create a blog? If yes then you are at the right place. You can get an idea on how to create a blog in a perfect way. Making a blog is easy to process but if you don’t care what effect the blog post then, you are at great trouble. Choosing the appropriate Procedures enhances your blog.

Let’s learn first what is a blog and why you need to create a blog? The blog is a personal website where you can gather information which is updated frequently. A blog can be on any topic. It depends on you what niche you are perfect at. I think everyone should have their own blog so that you can provide the right information as well as your research work on your blog. Moreover, there are many more advantages to blogging. Some are listed below.

  • Making a brand
  • Connect people
  • Platform to share your story
  • Increase your writing skills
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Make money on the blog
  • Start a business with a blog

The benefits of blogging don’t end here, there are also much more benefits of blogging. But let’s focus on how to create a blog.

Procedure to create a blog

The following procedure involves making a blog in the right way.

  • Choosing the domain name
  • Choosing the right blogging platform
  • Selecting the best web host company for your blog
  • Designing your blog
  • Marketing your blog

Selecting the Domain name

First and foremost, to create a blog you should have a domain name which you have to buy from the domain registrar. The domain name is the unique address for locating your blog. The domain name should be short so that it is easy to remember your blog address. It must reflect your brand. Also, the domain name should be chosen according to the topic you involved in writing the blog articles. A domain name is considered as one of the SEO factors.

There are many tools available in the market that suggests the domain name of your blog. But I won’t recommend them. Instead, you can choose yourself according to the name, and topic of your blog. You mustn’t stick in choosing the domain. Keep in mind that the domain name should be easy to remember.

Choosing the right blogging platform

Do you know that people often confuse in choosing the blogging platform? The blogging platform is the software which allows you to publish your content on the internet. There are many blogging platforms available on the internet. Some are WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Drupal, etc. Choosing the right blogging platform helps to expand your blog in the near future. WordPress occupies about 30% of total websites on the Internet. Here WordPress means self-hosted CMS, not There is nothing you can’t do with the WordPress CMS. For your kind information, WordPress is available free of cost to download.

I suggest you choose the WordPress CMS for your blogging platform. In the future, you can expand your blog to an online shopping site, business site, or many more. Moreover, WordPress is very easy to use. Just you need to install the software on the web hosting company and start using it. Different plugins and themes made the task easier for blogging.

Selecting the web host company for your blog

A web host is a company which provides space for your blog. If you want to use the WordPress platform for your blog, then you need space on the internet where you can install the software. Space is provided by a company called web host company. There are many web hosts company but it depends on you which performs better for you. Siteground, Dreamhost, Bluehost, etc. are web host companies recommended by the official WordPress website.

You should decide what type of hosting you need for your blog. Shared hosting is for small sites, VPS hosting is for the fast-growing site and Dedicated hosting is for a large website which offers maximum server resources and security. Choosing the best web host makes your tasks easier in expanding your blog.

Designing your Blog

The design of your blog attract visitors and make them visit your blog again and again. The design gives the perfect look to your blog. The more ease in navigating the more visit by the audiences. There are tons of themes and plugins which offers the flexibility on designing the blog. For the WordPress platform, designing the blog is an easy task.

You can have the design of your blog as you wanted without knowing to code. Themes can be found on the internet which may be paid or a free one. The paid themes are coded properly, provide support, and other many more benefits.

Marketing your Blog

After launching your blog, it is necessary to market your blog which is also one of the SEO ranking factors. Don’t you want to make your blog famous and grab the traffics towards your blog? Marketing your blog helps to increase the targeted audiences to your blog. The marketing can be done through facebook, twitter, Instagram, google ads, etc. Email marketing is also in practice. It helps to grow your business and also, trusts of your blog to your readers.