Types of Web host that is suitable for your blog

Types of Web host for your blog

The web host is the server on the internet by many companies which provide space to store your data on the internet. These servers are properly connected so they are accessible on the internet. User doesn’t need to face any hassle for configuration of the server. User Just needs to select the type of web host which is suitable for their website. Moreover, Web selection is the major part of creating your blog since, Speed of your website, the performance of your website is decided by the web host.

There are many types of a web host and this host is chosen according to the need and requirement of the user. For blogging, it is very important to know about choosing the type of web hosting. This will help you in the future as well in the expansion of your blog.

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Linux web host uses the Linux operating system on the server. It is a Unix based operating system which is free as well as open source. Also, Linux is the most common and widely used in Web hosting Industry. It allows for running the script in PHP, Python, Perl, and other originated languages. It supports PostgreSQL and MySQL for a database. Linux hosting support WordPress, Joomla, etc. Moreover, it is secured and it provides CPanel for configuration of the server. It is configured in accordance with LAMP standards i.e. Linux OS, Apache Web Server Applications, MySQL and PHP Programming Language.

Windows hosting is very complex as compared to the Linux Operating system. It doesn’t support PHP scripting language. It supports IIS, .NET, MSSQL, MS Access, C#, and ASP.

About 80% of the web server in the world are equipped with Linux Hosting Server. Some hosting providers such as Hostinger, Bluehost, etc. provide the best Linux Hosting service at a very affordable price. If you want to create a blog and you don’t have a vast knowledge of programming, then you must choose Linux hosting company. In this article, I am gonna discuss the type of Web Hosting that Linux hosting provides. You will be able to decide on choosing the hosting on your own.

Free Web Hosting

On a free web hosting, you will get a small amount of space on the web server. Also if you use free hosting, you will be given with a subdomain. Moreover, it doesn’t provide configuration of your server. No root access is given. When your blog starts getting the traffic, your web host company will ask you to upgrade your package otherwise, your blog will be down for a day or month. Besides this, there are many disadvantages of free Web hosting. It is less reliable, less secured, low CPU and RAM, low space, sometimes shows hidden ads on your blog. You will not get technical support and customer support if you met any misconfiguration with your free hosting service. If you want to know about the best CPU coolers for intel core i9 11900k click here.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is a type of hosting in which the same server resources are used by many websites. Or the same server is used by many websites. It is better than free web hosting because you need to buy a shared web hosting at a low price and you get many advantages. The major benefit is its price. The shared hosting can be as low as $3.00 per month. Shared hosting is equipped with C-panel. It provides less bandwidth, limited storage, limited resources, etc.

On the shared web hosting, you can install WordPress. You won’t have any ideas which resources are used and shared. But you can notice that on the same IP address, many sites are hosted. Much hosting company offers to upgrade shared hosting so, its a great place for starting your blog with shared hosting and later on you can upgrade according to your need.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

From its name, it is clear that you own your server on the internet but actually, don’t have any physical resources for it. On the VPS hosting as well, they have their own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. Moreover, VPS hosting provides a greater degree of individual control.

You will have root access, individual control without having an expense on dedicated hosting. VPS hosting also shares resources to many websites (but lesser than shared hosting). If another website is drawing too much CPU power, then your website will too get affected. On VPS hosting, you can use a dedicated amount of RAM. You can restart your server if needed.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the server where you own everything. You will get the entire server for yourself. You get the maximum level of power, flexibility, and control. Dedicated hosting requires a greater amount of investment of time and money. A unique and dedicated IP address is provided to you as well as a greater degree of security. If your website starts getting thousands of visitors per day then, you need to upgrade your hosting. Before buying dedicated hosting, make sure you really need the resources, bandwidth, etc.

Cloud Hosting

On the cloud hosting, you don’t have any single physical server. It stores data in multiple computers and can be accessed data through a network connection. Cloud server gives you tremendous security and stability. It provides incredible speed and performance. If one server gets offline, then your site will be accessible with other servers. Click here to