6 Amazing Tips to Style Your Home Like a Staging Pro


Expert home designers and stagers’ style basic houses to look like luxurious abodes to increase its resale value. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same? (Even if you don’t want to sell your house). Styling your home like a staging pro is a rewarding process and worth all the effort, time, and money. Home is where you eat, sleep, breathe and exist; add to that the current state of 2020, and you need no other reason not to restyle your sanctuary.

There are ways to go about revamping your house; you could hire a professional stager or stylist that will cost you a fortune or take some tips from professional home stagers that will cost you next to nothing. Well, I’ve listed six amazing tips to style your home like a staging pro and save you from burning a hole in your pocket.

1.  Lighting

Every staging pro swears by the importance of a well-lit house. From warm and soft lighting to bright and direct, lighting can accentuate your house’s environment. A soft and warm light infuses an aura of warmth, comfort, and coziness into a room, perfect for a mini-library or a bedroom. Meanwhile, a clear, bright light makes the room seem more spacious than it is, something that is ideal for your living room.

Not only does good lighting change the dynamics and visual perception of a room, but it is also a subtle way of engendering a welcoming home. Choosing the right color and the nature of lighting can alter a certain color’s perception and exaggerate items’ quality and feel. So naturally, it is a stellar way of blanketing the flaws in your dull wall paint or offset furniture.

Premium lighting is the first step towards styling your home as a staging expert did it. Choose the right options, and you’re halfway there to a luxurious home.

2.  Canvas Prints

Printed pictures with wooden frames are the pickings of an old era. With interior design being modernized to new heights, adorning your walls with old structures and obsolete systems will spoil your house’s visuals.

But one can’t deny the importance and connection that photos bring to a home, and so completely discarding them is ‘out of the picture.’ This is where CanvasPop’s canvas prints jump in.

CanvasPop creates stunning prints on a canvas cloth with great flexibility on sizes, edges, and frames (if you need one). Frameless canvas prints seem like floating images on the wall and do not fight your surroundings’ aesthetics and color. You can add your little one’s favorite shot and even put them on the shelf. Look at their smiles and destress yourself from all those tiring hours.

3.  Elevated Curtains

Most staged houses make use of elevated curtains to create an illusion of higher ceilings and square footage. Longer ceilings and bigger windows are an in-demand attribute for a luxurious home, so creating an illusion of the same is not a poor idea.

Pair plain color sheers to match your walls and hang them from the top till they kiss the floor. Elevated curtains are a marvelous way of fashioning your home on a budget.

4.  Free the Furniture

You want the room to feel airy and seem spacious, so you end up pushing furniture against the wall. Though you’ve created some space, the room ends up looking more like a waiting room in an office and less like a style statement that is your living room.

So free your sofas and couches and float them to the center of the room. Circle them around a fireplace (If you have one) or your TV if need be, and place a rug or a carpet, anchoring a coffee table at its center. This creates a homely atmosphere and a livelier place for conversations.

5.  Declutter and Organize

Avoid cluttering and bombarding your spaces with unnecessary items. Too many paintings on a wall or excessive items on your coffee table can cramp the space and create a very stressed environment. Clean it up and aim for a clean and clear design to achieve the minimalist style of living.

A clear or, as we like to call it, a ‘crisp’ design makes for a room with good space and a fresh aura. It is easy on the eye and makes sure every ornament gets the attention it deserves. The elements of the decor stand out individually but also blend to create a sweet symphony.

6.  Fragrance Matters

Stimulate your senses using scented candles and fragrance dispensers to create a rejuvenating and fresh atmosphere. A good fragrance such as coco luxe melts can positively affect your mental state and set the mood for the occasion.

Statistically, you have roughly 8 seconds to create a good impression on a visitor visiting for the first time, so what better way than to hit them with a scent of refreshing sandalwood or refreshing lilacs and create a beautiful first impression.

The positives of a good fragrance don’t just stop at a good mental state and positive atmosphere, but also accentuates the room’s design and takes it that one step further.

From lighting that changes your room’s dynamics to tips like decluttering your area to create the illusion of larger spaces, these styling tips can completely transform your home’s outlook.