How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

technology changed lives
How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology has changed our lives in quite the number of ways since its emergence. Those who were born when technology already had a solid foundation probably won’t understand how far technology has come over the years. From riding on horses and sending letters, technology has changed our lives in remarkable ways. When you take a look at society, you will discover just how much we have come to rely on technology and how it has shaped the world at large.

The impact of technology cuts across all fields. From education, business, communication, health, medicine, infrastructure, you name it. Technology is everywhere and in everything we do.

Here are several ways technology has changed our lives. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that they aren’t all good.

Technology Changed Education

Who would have thought people could get degrees from the comfort of their homes. Technology has changed our lives to the extent that knowledge and information are now flexible. With as little as a computer and internet, you can own almost any sort of degree from schooling online.

Technology Changed Communication

Imagine what life would be without cell phones and social media. How crazy do you think that would be. The thing is, there was such a time. When the only form of communications were face to face conversation or letters which took forever to deliver. So you see how technology has changed our lives. The bad side to this is privacy. With everything going digital and information flying around, your information is no longer safe. Messages sent through social media are all capable of being stolen or peeped into. Apart from social media providers having access to your information, any good hacker can as well. The Hack which costs millions of Facebook users to lose their data to cybercriminals is an example. Even now it is possible to open  RAR file on Mobiles. Imagine what life would be without cell phones and social media.

Technology And Health

It’s hard to ignore the fact that before the advent of technology, before lived healthier lives. Today, it almost seems like the more technology grows, the more there are problems to fix. People no longer value organic work out and exercises. Everyone wants the quickest way to get things done, and that is where the problem lye. Technology has completely changed our lives and how the health system works. With the right pills and surgeries, one could basically defy old age.

Technology Changed Transportation

Transportation is one industry which has benefitted immensely from technology. Without tech, we probably would be traveling between the US and the UK for months. Technology hasn’t just helped us save time through faster means of transportation, it has changed the lives of all through transportation. Of course, it still came with an increased death rate through accidents, but its nothing that cannot be managed.

Technology Has Changed Entertainment

The impact of Technology in the entertainment industry have been felt by both young and old folks alike in the 21st century. Entertainment such as video games, sports, television shows, and music are all facilitated by technology. Once upon a time, satellite TV was the next big thing. Being able to watch TV with shows “sent” from outer space? Different Freesat channels every time you moved the dish by an inch? It was revolutionary. Even with online streaming becoming more popular – satellite TV is still looking for ways to improve. People have come to rely on technological innovations in the entertainment industry. Think about it. If technology never evolved to provide online streaming services, Netflix would still be in their old business model, renting DVDs. Technology changed Netflix and also the lives of everyone Netflix is reaching out to today.

Video games are also an aspect of technology advancements in regards to computer programming. The entertainment industry is known to generate the world’s highest revenue, and it’s all thanks to technology. Technology is changing lives in and through the entertainment industry, and in an amazing number of ways. Think of CGI, think of about Netflix. They are all changing lives in the entertainment industry.


Take a look at amazon and google. From self-driving cars and AI down to self-delivery drones. Can life be better than that? Technology has completely shattered expectations and changed lives for the better. To think that we are just at the beginning of industrialization, it’s just something else. In the coming years, self-driving cars aren’t the only things which are going to be a thing.

Technology Has Impacted Company Operations

Remember how you used to pile boxes filled with various personal or business documentation? Yeah. If you run a business before the age of technology, you should know what I am talking about. Imagine Amazon was still making use of that kind of system. Taking orders and delivering products. I doubt the company would still exist if that were the case. Technological advancement has impacted company operations and enhanced the way we live and interact with the world and people.

Cost Management

People started developing technologies to aid them in carrying out task. Our problem-solving skills and desire to see the problem fixed have been how the greatest technologies were born. Making money is the purpose of every business. Cutting cost is the best way to optimize that process. From data management software’s, optimizing delivery process, reducing operational cost, and more. Technology helps manage cost, and it has done so since its inception.

The Bottom Line

Technology, like everything else in this world, can be both good and bad. While the focus has been on the good, it is important to note how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands.