4 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained When in Transit


One of the things I love doing more than anything is traveling! There’s nothing quite like the feeling when the plane lands in a new destination you’ve never explored before. While travel can be downright addictive, there’s quite a lot of downtime where you’re in airports, waiting for buses, or even trying to pass the time on a 12 hour flight. After traveling to over 60 countries I’ve found a few ways to keep myself entertained while in transit, and maybe they’ll inspire you too. Here are my top 4 ways to keep yourself entertained when in transit.

1) Gaming
Traveling is fun enough by itself, but you can even use your downtime to make some extra money! There are games such as rummy online that allow you to not only have fun playing, but the potential to win some extra cash that can help fund your next trips or allow to you afford some extras while away.. You can also look into social games that allow you to play online with friends, which will help you have fun while also catching up with those nearest and dearest to you. Games that are on your phone are the best when in transit as it’s easy to connect and get playing, but laptops can also be a good alternative too if you prefer the larger screen. One of the reasons gaming is such a great option is that there’s something out there for everyone. I also find when I’m gaming time just melts away, so you’re not sat there counting down the minutes before your flight! If you’re traveling with some friends, it can be a good idea to take a deck of cards with you. They’re small, so will barely take up any space in your bag, and can turn any space you’re in into a fun gaming zone!

2) A Side Hustle
You might not think of working on your side hustle when in transit, but it can really be the perfect time. If you’re like me an unable to sleep on long flights, at some point movies get boring and it’s fun to do something productive. When I worked as a freelance writer I would often load a few pages of information before getting on the plane and type away to my heart’s content. Often able to pay for the flight with the money I’d earned from working while on it! Does it get any better than that? Due to the Internet, many of us have put our entire careers online, whether making a livelihood from blogging, or working as a contractor freelance writing or offering social media services. There are so many industries out there, that you’re only limited by your creativity as to what you can do. One of my good friends makes a great full time income by writing books for Amazon Kindle. Not only does she love what she does, she makes 5x what she would make in an average salaried job. You can also put a profile on Upwork and begin looking for clients right away.

3) Start a Blog
Starting a blog can be a great hobby, and you can really make a blog about anything. From lifestyle right through mommy blogs – there’s a whole world out there.  Of course an obvious suggestion if you love traveling is a travel blog! That’s exactly how I started in the blogging industry and it was a ton of fun. I always suggest to people interested in blogging that it’s much better to work on your own domain name from the beginning – it gives you a lot more room to grow and to work with clients down the line. Blogging can take up a ton of time, from publishing on social media to scheduling content and maintaining your website. While you’re waiting for your next flight or bus you could start your new business endeavor up! Be sure to take lots of photos on your trip so you can use them as pictures on your blog.

4) Skype Your Family
Do you have a spare 20 minutes before boarding starts? Why not call your parents or a relative. It can be hard to find the time to call those back home when you’re away, but the forced down time in the airport can be a great time. I particularly love Skype because you have the option to call others on Skype directly or you can easily make calls to cell phone numbers. This is a great option for your older family members who may not be as tech savvy to get on platforms like Zoom etc. If it’s tricky for you, because of opposing time zones, you can even take this time to pen a quick email to those back home that are missing you. Use these small segments of time to catch up with loved ones and friends you’re missing, which can help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by homesickness! I tend to forget to call home, so I actually use the airport as a reminder to call those I haven’t spoken to in a while. Not only does it help me pass the boring airport wait, but it allows me to catch up on everything I’m missing out on while I’m away. I find it most rewarding to Skype the eldest and youngest members of my family, they always tend to be the ones who enjoy it most.

Use your time in airports, waiting for buses, or even on a ferry productively by either connecting with those you love, as a fun way to relax and unwind or even as a way to make some extra cash. You might feel like it’s a short amount of time here and there, but if you’re traveling to quite a few destinations or long term traveling, your overall transit time may surprise you. Using it productively will help you reach your goals in life faster, connect with those you love, and ensure you’re having fun along the way! What doesn’t sound good about that? Hopefully these tips keep you entertained when you’re next in transit.