Everything You Need To Know About The Next iPhone

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the next iPhone

Since the emergence of the first-ever iPhone in 2007, Apple has dominated the phone industry with their iPhones. With its rival “Samsung,” Apple has never the less outshined in the last decade. The last release on the Apple iPhone series was in 2018. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR are one of a kind, and they all did incredibly well both in performance and sales.

Since Apple has been known to release a new phone every year, many have been wondering what the next Apple release will be. If you are one of those wondering, here is everything you need to know about the next Apple phone release.


The design of the next Apple iPhone is expected to look like that of its 2018 predecessors the iPhone XS series. According to rumors, the next iPhone will also be featuring a 5.8 inch, a 6.1 and a 6.5 inch. While rumor states that there wouldn’t be major design differences between the next iPhone’s and their predecessors, some common notes we have gotten so far is the mute button which will be using a circle-shaped toggle unlike any this series have ever gotten. Also, the next iPhones will feature a thicker body up to half a millimeter and perhaps a new frosted rear glass according to speculations.

Possible Names

Apple did well to skip the iPhone 9. Why the skip is for a couple of reasons, the common has been because of Apples 10th anniversary was celebrated alongside the iPhone X. It makes perfect sense why they did that. The question now is, what will be the name of the next phone.

According to speculations, the next iPhone will be one of the following.

  • iPhone XI
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XT

With the naming of their predecessor, it is quite obvious where the Apple Phones should go next, and an iPhone 11 (XI) is certainly very likely.


For the longest time, iPhone has relied on their competition “Samsung” for the provision of their beautiful iPhone X series display. This is very likely to change in the next Apple installment. Apple has been working on cutting down its reliance on Samsung through the use of OLED. They have been in the process of working to bolster OLED display through a partnership with japan display LG Display. They are currently in the process of building an OLED research panel and development panel site through this partnership.

Rear Camera

According to wall street journals, in the next iPhone series, Apple intends on to introduce a triple-lens camera which will only come with one of the 2019 iPhone releases. The second generations of the iPhone XS and XR will also be coming with the features as well.

The triple-lens camera will allow an improved low light performance, a wider zoom range, more pixels, and a larger field of view. From more speculated rumors, the triple-lens will be arranged in a triangle pattern. This will make the camera bump on the back of the iPhone a square-shaped.

Front Camera

It has been confirmed that the 2019 iPhone line up will be coming with an improved front camera when compared to the 7 megapixels of the 2018 line up. There are also rumors of an apple changing the true depth camera system which enables facial recognition on the 2019 iPhones.

Apple Pencil Support

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, pencil support will be for later iPhone’s. The investor, a Korean site have also predicted that Apple will be releasing pencil support alongside one of the 2019 Apple releases. While there isn’t any authenticity in the news, we know for a fact from Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple has plans for Apple pencil-style plus. However, if we will be seeing this in 2019 or further down in the Apple phones series, it’s hard to tell.

Bigger Batteries

Let’s face it. Great battery life hasn’t been associated with iPhone’s. According to Ming-Chi, all 2018 successors will be getting a slight battery upgrade. With this deduction, it is safe to say that the 2019 iPhone’s will be coming with bigger batteries as well. Also, there are reports that 2019 iPhone’s will be coming with new features such as bilateral wireless charging.

Dual Bluetooth Audio Support

Rumors have also speculated that 2019 iPhones could be coming with dual Bluetooth connective abilities. This means, with it, one will be able to connect to 2 Bluetooth headsets at the same time. Personally speaking, this will be a great feature.

Release Date

According to confirmed reports, 2019 iPhones will be dropping from September 2019. Barely 2 months from now and we will be reviewing the latest Apple’s latest edition.

The Bottom Line

Everything we know so far about the next iPhone coming up in 2019 is what we have got here. You may also want to read 5 best laptops launched in 2019 for buying.