How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The World

Artificial Intelligence
Neurons and robotics

Artificial Intelligence is defined as simply a machine performing a task without needing the input of an actual human being. While this isn’t news to some, it could be for others. So, let me break this down. You see, every computer piece, hardware and software have their foundation in basic commands. While the machine may seem complicated from the outside, in reality, it simply just follows orders such as do this when at this level or when I push this button. Easier said than done, though, coding isn’t the least easy. This simply means a machine programmed to print out copies will not stop doing its job even if its motherboard it’s on fire as long as it is still in a functioning capacity. Another example will be, a human interactive machine such as games will not do anything other than that which it has been programmed to do.

Artificial Intelligence has changed all that. With Artificial Intelligence, machines do not just follow commands, they learn from themselves and improve without needing any human intervention. For example, a virtual casino came might be programmed to play 2 black then a red and then back to 3 blacks and again a red. Once the players discover that is how it works, he wins always. However, if that game had Artificial Intelligence, once it discovers the user has gotten its pattern, it automatically changes it without any input from the game developer. How sick is that? Also, living beings have been the only entity know to think for themselves, but not anymore. Here are things Artificial intelligence can currently do and how it is changing the world. We just hope they do not take over the world from us in the nearest future. Read more about ai powered analytics here.

Artificial Intelligence Can Make Realistic Phone Calls

Believe me, this is some impressive feet to have been achieved so early. Not long ago, Google created an app called Duplex, which can hold a conversation on the phone. If this was a mere program, an account had to be made for what the receiver would say and input accurate responses. When the receiver eventually asks a question, not in the program’s database, it will tell you it doesn’t understand. The google Duplex isn’t like that. This is a real-life Artificial Intelligence network that has been tested, and it works. You can watch the video on YouTube here. This was a conversation between someone at a hair salon and the Artificial Intelligence booking and Appointment. It was so real the lady at the salon didn’t know she wasn’t talking to a human.


In case you do not know, googles Artificial Intelligence has been cleared to be the first ever non-human to qualify as a driver. You can read the complete article on here. Driving isn’t a job a program can do, it can only be done by AI, and it has been done by Google. This moves not only opens the door to less road accidents, but it will also help save fuel and save time. According to Dezeen, the United States has revealed a $4 billion plan to roll out self-driving cars in the next decade.

Stock Trading

Stock trading is complicated, ever changing, and of high unpredictability. This industry is known to be this way by everyone who has ventured in the industry one way or another. To have Artificial Intelligence do the lifting, it certainly takes off a lot of risks and wasted time. Various major companies have developed their own stock trading AI and are making a great kick out of the system. If this is made public, like someone makes it commercial, it can change the world for good.

Artificial Intelligence Can Diagnose disease simply by looking at the eyes

Professional doctors have been known to be able to diagnose eye disease with the use of OCT scans. The process involves a beam of infrared light which is bounced off the inner surfaces of the eye, in other to create a 3D scan of the eye tissues.

Google’s deep mind division created an Artificial Intelligence program and then trained it on a database of OCT scans. After that, they matched the program with a couple of professional doctors. The Artificial Intelligence matched their diagnoses in 94% of all cases. By just a couple of more percentages, an AI would have shamed a couple of professional doctors who went to the best medical schools. Read the complete article here.

Artificial Intelligence Can Create Original Art

The concept of AI creating original pieces of Art is regarded by Artist to be appalling and impossible. However, Robbie Barrat, who is a researcher at NVIDIA, says it’s just a tip of the iceberg of what Artificial Intelligence can do. He trained a GAN which got stuck at a local minimum, and the result was that it started producing hallucinogenic nudes which have a Salvador Dali-like quality to them. Read more here.

The Bottom Line

You see, believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. Sooner than later, if many do not adapt to these new advances, you either find yourself out of business or worse. If Artificial Intelligence can do all these today, imagine what i could do a or 2 decade from now.