How long does Dysport take to work?


What is Dysport?

Dysport is a product similar to Botox; it is an injectable, minimally invasive anti-aging treatment that temporarily paralyzes facial muscles and eliminates particular wrinkles and lines. An appointment for a majority of patients lasts around fifteen to twenty minutes, and thanks to a topical anesthetic, the injections are practically painless and the recovery period does not require any downtime at all.  How long does Dysport take to work?

In aesthetics, everybody wants to see the results just as quickly as possible, and when it comes to injectable treatments, Dysport has one of the fastest response times; it starts working immediately and the results can be seen only two to three days after the treatment, in some cases even within as soon as within 48 hours.

If you look into a mirror and start making faces, you can see the neurotoxin take effect because, over this short time, the treated muscles will cease to move, your areas of concern will remain smooth, and the rest of your face will continue to move naturally.

How long do the effects of Dysport last?

The final results of Dysport will vary from one patient to another, but it typically lasts between four and five months. There are numerous ways to prolong and enhance the final results, including proper skincare, good sun protection, additional anti-aging treatments and products, and touch-up injection sessions. You can get an estimate of the length of your results during your initial consultation with the doctor you choose for the treatment.

How does the whole process work?

Once you decide on which doctor to turn to, you schedule a consultation. Here you will discuss treatment goals, your health history will be examined in order to make sure this is the right treatment for you, and any and all questions and you have will be answered. After this, if the doctor decides you are the right candidate for the treatment, they will recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Before the first appointment, it is recommended to keep your target skin free of irritation and calm and be careful about the time you spend in the sun, so your skin does not burn. If you are taking any anti-inflammatory medications or herbal remedies, your doctor will tell you whether or not to stop taking them a few days before the treatment.

When the treatment day comes, make sure your skin is clean and make up free. The trained staff will cleanse the target skin and then add a numbing cream. Once the cream starts working, the neurotoxin will be injected with a thin needle.

The recovery period is relatively short and your doctor will give you a few instructions to follow; the most important thing to remember is, not to touch the treated area for at least one week. The results will become visible sometime in the next two to three days, and they should last for up to five months.

And when you notice the results beginning to fade, you can schedule your follow-up appointment to keep the wrinkles and lines from reappearing.