The Best Fitness Apps Of 2019

Fitness apps

Fitness apps are gold when you know what you need for a workout plan and the apps that offer your needs. Technology has more or less changed lives for the better. While some might say, technology has resulted in a bunch of evil doing. It is important to know that if there is evil in technology, it’s all about the hand which uses it and not the tech itself.

An ever-increasing number of people spend their time on their mobile phones. While some are always up to no good, some others do not know some things their mobile phones can do for them. Today, I am discussing the best fitness apps in 2019. If you desire you build up those muscles, keep fit, or lose some weight. Working out is your best bet in accomplishing any of these. People who take their workout serious and know the benefit pay hefty sums in getting a great workout plan or training coach. The thing is, with today’s technological trends, you need not spend a dime.

With the following fitness apps, you are certain of achieving your fitness goals in no time if you put in the effort.

My Fitness Pal

Over the years, My Fitness Pal has been talked about by top publishers and have received accolades from top fitness expert and users for its incredible capabilities.

My Fitness pal is on a different level from any other fitness app you have ever used. From exercise record logging, calorie intake tracker, asset customization, and more. My Fitness Pal has got you covered. If you want everything a Fitness app could possibly offer, then this app is for you.

It has capabilities to integrate with more than 50 apps as well as devices to sync all of your workouts. It also comes with a library of over 350+ cardio as well as strength sessions if jumping-off point is what you need you.

My Fitness Pal has an enormous food database of over six million foods, and that includes a restaurant logger that is guaranteed. With this fitness app, no-calorie goes uncounted. It’s a great fitness app, and its reviews in iTunes and play store confirm just how great it is.

Zones For Training

Great for apple watch users. This fitness app helps you stay in your zone. From keeping an eye on your pulse and heart rate. Zone for training has got you covered. Zones for Training actively monitors your resting and active heart rate. After which, it provides factors to determine when you are burning fat, when you have reached your peak activity level, or when you should continue working out for maximum result.

It’s the perfect companion for the Apple Watch, which comes with a built-in first-rated heart rate monitor. This app isn’t just for novice. It’s for pros who want details of how their body metabolism work and keep track of everything. The app is also for anyone who wants a better integration between the apple watch and a great training app.


As the names imply, this is a great app if you want to keep track of everything you take into your body. This isn’t just about taking in calories; it’s about finding out the right meals for you. The app was created in 2010 and still works like a charm till date. It gives a great nutrition breakdown. This is further advanced with its barcode scanner, which ensures you are buying the right groceries. If you are missing out on specific nutrients or desire a specific type of diet, then you can count of Fooducate to ensure you are on track with its daily nutrient count.


Also got some outstanding reviews from Itunes and Google play store. This app can be used by any level of workout personnel. It’s easy to use and productive. All you need to do with this app is to select a goal for either strength, cardio, yoga, or other categories. Input for how long you desire to work and let it calculate an effective workout plan for you.

Its workout is diverse and certainly won’t get you bored.  There is a workout for all levels, and you can always start as a novice and climb your way up.


Your mental health also affects your physical health. If what you need is ensuring a better headspace, and clear your head before working out, then head-space is for you. It’s a meditation app which has set the gold standard for the industry.

The application gives a comprehensive session in teaching how to meditate. The app can help you manage anxiety, depression, and set the pace for a focused workout session.

Head-space is a mindful and Fitness app which makes use of clinically validated research. Ensuring the app is as effective as possible.

The Bottom Line

For weight loss, fitness goals, and more, you need one of these apps or countless other fitness apps on the web. These are all well researched and recommended apps for your physical and mental well-being.