Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Significance of yellow sapphire

Gemstones are considered to possess high vibrations and energy as they are yellow sapphire naturally formed on Earth. The gemstones are categorized into precious and also semiprecious gemstones. The Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone. Because of the many benefits which the Yellow Sapphire bestows on the wearer. The Yellow has been worn since ages by leaders, politicians, the Royalty, teachers, scholars, celebrities, etc.

Yellow Sapphire consists of corundum (aluminum oxide) and also tinges of Iron and also it is extremely hard, second to the harness of Diamonds. Pukhraj is primarily found in Sri Lanka where it is called Pushparaga(Sanskrit).

The cost of the Yellow Sapphire depends on the cut and clarity of the gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits:-

The attractive Peela Pukhraj or Yellow is widely worn in jewelry like Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings. The Yellow is to be worn in the index finger if advised for astrological reasons.

  • As per Vedic Astrology, Yellow Sapphire is ruled by the planet Jupiter and also wearing this beautiful gemstone. It helps to protect from the malefic effects of Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet that bestows wisdom, good fortune, wealth, and also abundance. when advised for Astrological reasons and the gemstone should touch the skin in this case.
  • The brilliant Pukhraj boosts understanding skills, intelligence, and sharpness.
  • Yellow Sapphire works on the Throat Chakra, known as Vishuddha Chakra by energizing and balancing the Chakra which helps in communicating clearly and aids in self-expression.
  • Original Yellow can heal physical ailments like Thyroid problems, diseases connected to the Throat, Lungs, stomach issues, Jaundice. And is also said to be effective in Kidney ailments. Peela Pukhraj boosts physical vitality and energy.
  • Wearing the Yellow usher’s success, wealth, good fortune, good luck, name, and fame.
  • Yellow Sapphire is worn for bringing in financial abundance, an attribute of this gemstone that is very popular.
  • Pukhraj for women – Yellow is said to be benevolent for women, especially for women who are unmarried. This amazing gemstone helps to attract the ideal, suitable life partner. It dispels lower energy making way for the energies of good to come in.
  • For women who are pregnant, Yellow helps to ensure safe delivery and protects from miscarriage.
  • The Pukhraj helps to achieve professional and academic goals. It helps in increasing focus and concentration which and makes achieving goals easier and supports in taking the correct decisions and steps to achieve your ambition and goal.
  • Lawyers, Advocates, Teachers/scholars, Writers, Academicians, and traders stand to gain immense support by wearing the brilliant Yellow Sapphire because planet Jupiter rules this gemstone and the attributes of Jupiter support people, especially in these professions. If anyone is desirous of pursuing higher education, Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone for them.
  • Yellow Sapphire is a favorable gemstone for natives who have Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, and Scorpio as ascendant in their natal chart.
  • Peela Pukhraj is considered excellent for Priests.
  • Wearing the fascinating Yellow Sapphire gemstone can aid in drawing the attention of your spouse. So if getting the attention of your spouse has been a challenge this in an ideal gemstone to wear. It makes marital life blissful and happy by healing the situation.
  • The Yellow Sapphire helps to reconcile with an ex-lover or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Tips to check for genuine Yellow Sapphire:-

The Yellow does not get scratched if you use steel to scratch it.

If Yellow is held in the hand for some time and it feels warm. Then it is a genuine Yellow Sapphire.