The Magnet’s Arch Nemesis: Rolex Milgauss watches


Rolex, beginning from its inception in 1905, has continuously been on the top of the watch engineering industry. Innovations after innovations are crafted by the brand’s highly-skilled workers with the Supervision of one of the watchmaking industry’s aces, Hans Wilsdorf. Today, the watch has still managed to remain relevant in the fashion scene.

Every collection of the Rolex brand is of great prestige. Their releases have been sought after not just by fashion enthusiasts but people from different walks of life. For example, their submariner collection gained popularity among divers, the same thing the Sky dweller collection became a staple for travelers and the GMT Master II for businessmen.

The Rolex Milgauss: another revolutionary collection

Rolex watches developers do not just settle for what they have; they possess a deep love for exploration and innovation, the reason they remain on top. Hence, the Milgauss Collection was birthed. This timepiece series is developed as an Anti-Magnetic watch, crafted for those who are working in Power plants and electromagnetic fields.

Rolex released a newer model for the Milgauss collection in 2007, which is the 116400. It has made a buzz around the watch engineering industry because of the latest technological advances it possesses. Its resistance to magnetic fields has been increased with its Oyster case made from ferromagnetic alloys, specifically picked out by Rolex watchmakers.

Today, we will present to you three models from the Milgauss collection that will surely captivate your eyes. It is guaranteed that these models will immediately be one of your dream watches especially because of how it is structured and meticulously made to fit the intended market’s lifestyle.

Rolex Milgauss Stainless Steel Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch (116400gv-0002)

Who would have known that the Aqua Blue color, when combined with silver, makes one of the most elegant-looking timepieces? This beauty was released in 2014 and has been a favorite ever since. Its round case is stainless steel material with a solid back. It measures 40mm in diameter, 13mm in height with a lug width of 20.00mm.

To match the case is a strap made out of Stainless steel. Its Analog-type dial is in Aqua Blue Color. Its indexes have the same luminous silver-tone as the hands. The brand name and logo are situated on the top part of the watch and the collection name. It is a watch that will call the attention of people, even with its basic structure.

As for its movement, it has a Rolex Calibre 3131 with a diameter of 28.50mm. It has 31 jewels, with 48 hours reserve and 28800 BPH frequency. It also has an additional chronometer. More of its features include being resistant to water up to 100m deep. It is indeed not just fashionable but very functional even in extreme conditions.

Rolex Milgauss Steel Automatic Black Dial Oyster Bracelet Unisex Watch (116400gv-0001)

Another iconic silver timepiece from the brand, specifically from the Milgauss series, is this model. This is a relatively old piece released in 2007, but it is part of their revamped versions of the collection. Its round case is of Stainless steel composition, measuring 40mm in diameter with a lug width of 20.00mm.

Its case is made out of sturdy Stainless steel material. Its Analog type dial is definitely one of the highlights of the watch. It is in sleek black color with a luminous finish, so it perfectly emphasizes the luminous stick indexes and luminous hands that glow up for 8 hours non-stop. Written on the top part of the watch are the brand name and the collection.

The movement of the watch is also unparalleled when it comes to composition. It functions under Rolex Calibre 3131, with 28.50mm diameter, 31 jewels, 48 hours reserve, and 28800 BPH frequency. It also consists of an additional chronometer. On top of all that is its water-resistant feature that can survive up to 100m deep.

Rolex Milgauss White Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Automatic Men’s Watch (116400)

This will be one of the world’s favorite classic silver watches. The combination of white and silver with pops of orange and yellow is definitely appealing to the eyes. Its round case is made out of Stainless steel and has a solid back. It measures 40mm in diameter. To complete the external aesthetics is the Band made out of matching stainless steel material.

Its dial is one of the most divine things ever to exist. It is definitely on the simpler side, with a hint of fun embodied by the incorporation of bright colors. It has indexes in yellow to match one of the hands of the watch colored in bright orange, the ones with the bolt shape. The two other hands are luminous types.

Its movement is operated by Rolex Calibre 3131. You should know by now that this is a caliber specifically crafted, developed, and patented by the Rolex brand, so it is assured to have one of the best precision in the industry. Furthermore, it has 48 hours of reserve. On top of that, it is a water-resistant timepiece capable of correctly functioning even 100m deep underwater.


The Rolex brand has been widely recognized for its dedication to crafting innovative timepieces. They have reached the point of having the unending desire of topping up their game. Among their revolutionary works is the Milgauss collection, which is one of the most precise anti-magnetic watches.