High Quality Product: 7 Key Benefits of Software Testing

Software Testing
Software Testing

Have you ever used software that left you feeling confused, annoyed, and frustrated?

The whole purpose of the software is to make completing tasks in your life faster and easier. When software doesn’t work as intended, it makes completing those tasks slower and harder.

As a software designer or programmer, you want to create a high quality product that works exactly as intended. You want your users to be happy when using your product and eager to use it again.

The key to creating a successful high quality product is software testing. Here are seven major benefits and reasons you need to test your software.

1. Saves You Money and Time

The developing and implementing processes of new software consist of many stages. Software development teams need to communicate and coordinate every change they make throughout this process as every change has the potential to cause other problems. These problems, if not caught early, can cost you a significant amount of time and money to fix. 

Being proactive by catching potential hiccups during the early stages of development will save you and your team time and money. Waiting to catch software problems after development takes more time and may require you to redo entire pieces of code throughout the software.

Not testing your product until it’s already live is even worse. Your team will scramble to fix problems while marketing will need to handle PR. Your customers will find your brand untrustworthy and you’re likely to lose out on future sales. 

2. Ensures a High Quality Product

Regularly testing your software improves its functionality as well as its quality. Businesses and customers want to invest in a high quality product that’s always reliable. There are a few steps you and your development team can take to ensure your product is flawless.

What is the purpose of the product and does it fill those needs? Each stage of development must have goals and prerequisites. The software you’re developing needs to meet those prerequisites.

Does the product offer value to the user? In this sense, the product should be serving the user in some form to help the user reach their goals.

Is the software compatible on multiple platforms? Accessibility is a key factor for the success of any software product.

People use multiple devices with different operating systems. Keep your target audience larger and more inclusive by performing regular testing of software on a variety of operating systems and devices.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The main goal of your software is to satisfy your customers’ needs. Software that meets the needs of your clients while offering a great user experience will earn you your customers’ trust.

Software testing uses a holistic approach to ensure your software completes tasks as expected. It also tests the usability of the software. Software that’s easy and intuitive to use gives customers a better user experience.

Another reason you should invest in software testing services, like Qualitylogic.com, is to make your product stand out. The software and SaaS (software as a service) industries are overflowing with software products, many claiming to accomplish the same goals as yours. Testing your product will push you and your team to create better software that will delight your customers.

4. Enhanced Security

The leading causes of cyber attacks and security threats are failures in the software. Flaws and fails in your software are a forfeiture of software security.

Rolling out untested software puts your customers’ data and information at risk. This puts you and your company at greater risk for lawsuits, privacy scandals, and losing your clients’ trust. Prior privacy scandals have taught customers to not risk their data again.

Software testers will check the security features of your product to ensure it’s safe for your customers to use. Testing your software will guarantee the product you deliver to your customers will protect their sensitive information.

5. Increase Sales

A high-quality product doesn’t require a lot of extra promotion and advertising. Its benefits of your software will speak for themselves.

Customers who’ve used your product will recommend it and share how great it is with others. Word-of-mouth and recommendations are valuable promotional tools proven to increase sales.

Taking the time to invest in software testing to improve the quality of your software shows your customers that you value them. It also shows your company is willing to take extra steps to ensure you deliver the best possible product.

The rewards of software testing are twofold. You’ll gain new customers as well as retain the ones you have now.

6. A Better Development Process

Integrating Quality Assurance into your software development processes will help your team spot errors early. Software testers will also test your software in a variety of scenarios to reproduce a particular error.

Finding and pinpointing errors early during development makes it easier and faster for your team to fix. In most situations, software testers will work alongside developers throughout the process. As developers complete each stage, testers will check for any potential errors in both new and previous changes.

By having testers or a software testing service test each stage, developers can quickly resolve the problem without having to dig through a completed software project. Testing will also find unwanted hidden features or flaws. This will up development as well as the quality of the end product.

7. Know Your Software Performance

You want your brand to have a good reputation, right? Checking the performance and optimizing your software will boost the reliability of your products.

Software with slow or low performance will pull your reputation down. Customers will be able to tell that you and your team didn’t take the time to develop a reliable product. They’ll start to distrust your brand and cause the reputation of your brand to plummet.

Software testing gives you and your team insight into how well your software performs and ensures that it meets expectations.

Develop a High Quality Product Today

Planning, designing, and developing software today takes a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy. With so much invested in your idea, you want to create a high-quality product guaranteed to work. Software testing is the perfect solution for improving products to help businesses grow.

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