Celebrities Making Generous Donations during Coronavirus Pandemic 2020


As the dangerous COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe, celebrities are going all out to help people in distress with their generous donations and also kind gestures. Stars have been leveraging various platforms to effectively spread corona awareness. Celebrities have shared videos explaining how to wash hands as a safeguard against coronavirus. They have been advocating the importance of social distancing and also staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. There are yet other celebrities and hot favorite stars who have donated money to different organizations to help needy people in these distressing times.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah got included in the list of celebrities and also stars who have donated money to help organizations to go ahead smoothly with the COVID-9 relief endeavors. She has donated $10 million for supporting corona victims in several cities across the nation. As per https://edition.cnn.com, Oprah Winfrey, the media Mogul has donated $1 million to America’s Food fund for alleviating the crisis of food. The rest of the total amount would be given as donations to various other groups assisting American citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Allegra Versace & Donatella Versace

This celebrity mother-daughter duo has donated 200,000 Euros to an Italian hospital. They have disclosed on Instagram that during these critical times. It is essential to stand united and give full support to people who are working hard every day to combat the coronavirus and also save numerous lives.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has come up with an impressive donation to Mid-South Food Bank that is situated in Memphis, Tennessee, his hometown. He has requested everyone to start making small contributions and also go on supporting. Their local communities by supplying food to the needy.  Mid-South Food Bank has distributed non-perishable food items throughout the area.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and also Ryan Reynolds have donated $1 million to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America. Ryan has advised his fans to help these organizations as they need assistance in these bad times. He asks his fans to take proper care of their hearts and also minds. Lively has left a message for her fans on Instagram to seriously practice social distancing while staying well-connected.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has offered his support and also prayers for everyone’s donations. And has also disclosed that he has donated to help the needy and also the distressed. He said that the very idea was incredibly scary. To think that your family is suffering from a new dreadful disease. He believes that whether it is an Australian. Fires or the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, everyone must be there for each other. Solidarity and generosity from these celebrities would go a long way in helping corona victims. 

Drew Barrymore, Dove Cameron, and Yara Shahidi

Uber has partnered with Feeding America for delivering meals to the people who are in need, from over 200 food banks across the nation. Stars like Yara, Drew, and also Dove have donated around $1, 00,000 to the COVID-19 cause.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has been giving back too by paying for groceries of many elderly people at different grocery places. Moreover, she has given gift cards to many donations grocery store workers as a token of her appreciation.  

Times are really crazy so everyone must join hands in helping the victims. Many celebrities are already leading the way. You simply need to be more generous and also start contributing to the cause.