Good parenting tips from Jonah Engler for the all-round growth of children

Parent kids

Making children feel confident and competent should be the goal of every parent who believes in their children’s overall wellbeing. Kids must develop a sense of passion and purpose and receive this education before stepping into schools.  Parents must have dedication, patience, and consistency to enhance their children’s learning abilities, which should eventually boost their academic performance, says Jonah Engler, a financial expert.   He suggests some good parenting techniques that will help the child with all-round grooming based on a positive upbringing.

Appreciate and praise efforts – Says Jonah Engler

Psychologists believe that the mindset of a person influences the behavior even in children, as found by Stanford University researchers. To impart positivity in your child, acknowledge the hard work of the kid, and appreciate and praise. Their efforts instead of just labeling them as talented or smart. Those who refrain from taking up challenges usually have a fixed mindset that turns them reluctant. Because they feel that their achievements stem from innate abilities. Those with a growth mindset are more open to face challenges with hard work as they are keen to learn new skills. Parents should remember that the inner drive for learning motivates children much more than the grades.

Encourage special skills

A traditional school setting helps most children to demonstrate their talent and skills, which every child possesses.  However, many kids demonstrate special abilities beyond the school curriculum, like having a penchant for music or karate skills. Unstructured games like dancing in the living room, catch in the yard, or chasing after lightning bugs also have enormous power in providing physical, intellectual, and personal development opportunities. Parents must find some hobby to practice that the child can benefit by drawing inspiration to do the same.

Encourage reading

Reading books to your child is one of the good habits that the kid picks up early, and it encourages language. Development as the child gets the opportunity to enhance the vocabulary besides developing the habit of reading. Which can pave the way for future success in school. Even if the child is too young to understand everything you say, the listening vocabulary will boost as they notice the rhythm of language. Reading to your child can help the kid emotionally, as found in a study that showed children. Below five years whose parents practiced reading faced lesser behavioral problems. read about dangerous apps for kids

Respect different learning styles

Just because you need to do some urgent office work and prefer a quiet ambiance. It should not be a reason to ask your child to read silently if he or she loves. To read aloud when studying. Kids learn best in different ways, and you must pay attention to how your child learns best and encourage that learning style. If your child demonstrates a visual trait for learning, you can use flashcards to facilitate memorizing tables.

Staying close to your child is not enough, and you must express your love for the child through endless hugs. A gesture that helps to ease any tension that the child might be going through. You can learn all about parenting lifestyle, in this blog: Global Moms Magazine

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