4 Types of Wood for Wedding Rings to Consider

Wood for Wedding Rings

So you have decided to get your wood engagement or wedding band for your big day. First things first, you need to decide what wood to choose for your ring. You will have to research and then make an informed decision.

According to an article published on https://edition.cnn.com, these days men’s engagement rings are quite well-accepted and popular.

To make things a tad easier for you, here is a list of wood types for your wedding ring:

1. Birch

A hardwood, that comes in shades of ash, gray, and white with deep brown knots throughout the wood. The material is affordable, lasts long, and one of the best options for your wooden wedding band. Birch is a good substitute for maple as well as inexpensive choice for your wedding band that has a labor-exhaustive work when it comes to the designing of birch wedding rings.

2. Applewood

As far as applewood is concerned, it comes in a stunning, beautiful, and warm-tanned color, perfect for your wedding ring. The wood features fine, smooth, nice-looking grains that make for an attractive and sophisticated wedding or engagement ring. The material is extremely resistant to daily wear and tear, and therefore, if you want an applewood wedding ring, it will last as long as a metal ring. It is one of the best ring materials preferred by men and women these days.

3. Cedar

Cedar comes with a natural yellow shade that you can choose for your wedding ring. You can prime it easily, and as wood rings made of cedar ages with time, they turn a stunning silver and gray shade that is one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry.

Cedarwood makes for excellent wedding bands or engagement rings due to its durability and workability. Besides, this wood material is easy on your budget and needs little maintenance. The elegance and sophistication of cedar wedding rings make modern-day grooms and brides opt for it. It comes in a variety of colors that you will love when you finally out your wedding ring on your finger.

4. Bogwood

As bogwood does not arise from particular tree species, the color and durability will vary to a considerable extent. The wood is the perfect wedding ring material for a groom and bride, who love to wear rings that have some meaning and symbolism. It has a rich significance because wood combines the rich history of a tree from which it arises to the stunning shape that it has now. A wedding ring made of bogwood is similar to a three-stoned design often seen in metal bands with gemstones, symbolizing the present, past, and future.

Besides, you can use bogwood rings and inlay it into a metal of your choice. It could be silver, gold, platinum, or tungsten. You can also ask your jeweler to embed stones like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies. Make sure the stones are small and the ring has a simple design if you are ordering a wedding ring because wedding bands usually have simple, minimalist designs unlike engagement bands, which are flashy.

Final words

Pick your preferred wood for your wood ring for the big day. You can customize your ring with elegant design and precious stones.