Top Solar Myths Busted


Though we have witnessed immense growth in home solar panel installations around the world, there are some misconceptions surrounding the same. The photovoltaic (PV) sector is rife with Solar myths and urban legends making homeowners skeptical and indecisive about whether to embrace solar or not. Then, the fallacies surrounding PV installations should not cloud your judgment or stop you from installing rooftop solar panels. Besides reducing your power bills, solar is also environment-friendly.

According to an article published on, from Texas to the Sunshine State Florida in the US or for that matterRockhampton in Australia, local solar providers are adopting new and big opportunities such as pairing batteries with rooftop PV systems. It means that solar has the potential to power homes all over the world. Therefore, here are some of the myths that need to be busted for more clarity:

Myth: Solar panels are not efficient

Reality: Big solar installers around the globe are manufacturing PV systems with enhanced efficiency together with technological developments in the clean energy sector. Today, the efficiency gains of solar are much more than in the past. The installation process has also become more advanced than ever. Modern-day solar panels have the ability to power homes, produce surplus energy, and receive credits for the electricity sent back to the grid from the utility company. Besides, with solar efficiency, you save your hard-earned dollars in monthly electricity bills.

Myth: Solar is costly

Reality: This is far from the truth. Today, renewable and clean energy sources are more pocket-friendly than traditional electricity, nuclear, or coal energy. You can ask any solar panels Rockhampton installer and they will tell you the same. Solar along with wind and biomass are easy on your wallet with the advancement of modern, innovative technology. Besides the hardware, solar has zero input costs because sunshine and wind are free.These resources are abundant and natural. Therefore, it is high time that you switch to solar and ditch traditional electricity.

Myth: Solar panels do not function in cloudy weather

Reality: Cloudy weather might minimize the amount of electricity produced in a day from solar panels, but that does not mean that your rooftop PV system will cease to operate. Even if cloudy weather prevails, the angle at which solar panels are installed helps in receiving maximum sunlight when the sky clears. Even in a country like Germany that receives less than 50 percent the sunshine Australian cities receive, boasts of the mostunbeaten solar programs worldwide.

Myth: Solar panels look unsightly on roof

Reality: The truth is modern solar panels are designed, keeping your home’s aesthetics in mind. The attraction factor is relative to your home roof. With the increasing demand for solar panels, trained installers can set up these in locations or spots to reduce the visual impact to a considerable extent. Based on your backyard area, you can mount solar panels on the ground. You can opt for solar shingles to improve curb appeal through enhanced blending with your current roof design and layout.

Final words

Now that you have these solar myths busted, you can switch to this clean energy form with more clarity and certainty.