The Highest Paying Jobs in the World: 8 Best professions

highest paying jobs
highest paying jobs in the world

Highest paying jobs in the world is one of the top quests everyone wants to find. Often students are always so curious to know the top profession with the highest paying jobs even before choosing any course of choice into the higher institution (college). Similarly, some parents are also eager to know the best profession for their children. However, The highest paying jobs in the world doesn’t mean that these people are the riches in the world. Nevertheless, the best profession all lies in the happiness you derive from it. If your job pays you higher but doesn’t give you pleasure, can it be described as the best profession?. Although payment matters, likewise the happiness you derive in doing your job.

Highest paying jobs in the world

In the article, the Data for the ranking of the highest paying jobs(s) in the world and also the best profession is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau of labour is an arm of the federal Department of Labor. The highest median payment the agency records is $208, 000. Some of the following profession below may offer a higher median annual salary.

Software Developer

  • Industry: Technology
  • Median salary : $101,790
  • World unemployment rate: 1.9%

Software Developers is one of the highest paying jobs(s) in the world. The employment opportunity for software developers is on the increasing side. By 2026 their employment opportunity is expected to increase by more than 30%. The software developer profession is the first in the ranking of best and highest paying progression. To be a software developer, you need to have a degree in computer science or any related course.


Industry: Business

Median salary: $84,060

Unemployment rate: 0.9%

Statisticians happen to be one of the highest paying jobs(s) in the world and also a top profession. Often when government agencies and businesses need help in making a sophisticated decision and solving problems, they turn to statisticians. Statisticians gather data using math and then use theories, models and specialised software to predict outcomes.

Physician Assistant

Industry: Health care

Median salary: $104,860

World unemployment rate: 0.8%

Physician Assistant is also one of the best professions and is among the highest paying jobs in the world. Physician Assistant performs duties such as reviewing medical histories, ordering tests, making prescriptions and administering treatment. Physician Assistants play a  vital role in the healthcare team. They collaborate with doctors and nurses in family and emergency medicine, psychiatry and surgery. The demand for physicians is expected to increase by 37.3% by the year 2026.


Industry: Health care

Median salary: $151,440

World unemployment rate: 0.9%

In the top profession list, it will be undoubtedly incomplete without adding Dentist. A dentist may run their practices while collaborating with dental hygienists or work with other dentists according to research. By 2026, demand for dentists is expected to increase by 19.4%.

Nurse Anesthetist

Industry: Health care

Median salary: 165,120

World unemployment rate: 0.4%

Nurse Anesthetist is also one of the best professions according to the ranking by the Bureau of Labor. You need to have a one year of clinical experience before applying for graduate programs. By 2026, The demand for nurse anesthetists is expected to grow 16.2 adding 6,800 jobs.


Industry: Health care

World unemployment rate: 0.9%

Median salary: >$208,000

  Orthodontists are also one of the highest paying jobss in the world. Orthodontists have their specialities in shifting crooked teeth and correcting misaligned bites. Their expertise requires tools such as braces, retainers and spacers. Experts predict a 19.3% increase in the demand for orthodontists. Orthodontist being one of the best professions, to succeed in the path one needs to pass through many educational institutions. Upon graduation from college, these professionals must attend dental school (which is an additional four years). After dental school, they are required to complete a specialised orthodontist program.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Industry: Health care

Median salary:>$208,000

World unemployment rate: 0.5%

Obstetricians and Gynecologist happen to be among the highest paying profession in the world. These doctors play a vital role in preparing for and aiding in child delivery. But that’s not all they do, obstetricians and Gynecologist aids in providing medical care to women throughout their lives. Many women visit these doctors annually/ frequently for regular physical check-ups, birth control, cancer screenings and tests related to sexually transmitted diseases. By 2026 this profession is expected to add 3,400 more jobs.


Industry: Engineering

World unemployment rate: 0.7

Median Salary: 63,990

Cartographer happens to be one of the best occupations in the world. They typically have a bachelor’s degrees in cartography, geography, surveying or geomatics. By 2026, cartographers demand is expected to increase to 19.4%, adding 2,400 jobs. Cartographers use surveys and images to collect and study geographic data. After that, they turn it into useful visual representations. Cartographers are mostly employed by the government or firms that specialise in architecture, engineering and science.

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