Perfecting Flirting: 5 Tips to Getting what you Need


Meeting the love of your life or something close takes a little finesse on your part. It is easy to hop online and begin flirting away and simple to visit bars too. While that might be the case, flirting takes some getting used to, and a few handy tips might be in order. Before you meet that potential mate and begin fretting over possible flirting moves, there are some tips for online flirting too.

Many have left the bar scene to find love online, but it doesn’t mean physical meetups are gone. After registering on platforms like UaDates – International Dating Site, one can enjoy flirty engagements with the following tools.

  • Emoji – along with this are freebies offered to help you break the ice and begin flirting right away. You can send smileys and pre-configured messages easily without breaking a sweat.
  • Visuals – the site allows you to upload naughty videos and pictures. This lets you begin flirting with men and women almost immediately. You can swipe through their pictures in portfolios or heart them to show interest. These are the first signs and approaches to flirting online.

Once you decide who has met your dating criteria you can proceed to meet offline. Here is where the real challenge begins. And here are some surefire approaches to flirting offline and getting what you want.


1. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is important as it shows interest. It also makes it easier for a guy or gal to respond accordingly. If someone is enthusiastic about something and you maintain eye contact they feel relieved. It also ensures that when the time is right, you will either smile or laugh when appropriate. It also means winking can happen instantaneously and without much effort.

2. Physical contact

Touching yourself or the other party is a form of flirting too. By this, we mean playing with your hair while maintaining eye contact, if you are a girl. This can yield more results if you touch his shoulder or shirt too. Cleaning off something that may not be that significant yields significant results and makes him attentive. It also shows you are not shy and perhaps are getting comfortable around him.

3. Compliments

Compliment them on their grooming standards and their attention to staying fit. Also, you can point out their attention to detail perhaps in dressing. One’s looks are always important to them. If someone notices their attempts to look good and points them out, they gain extra points in their books. Be sure not to over-compliment either. It makes it seem like you are lying and up to no good.

4. Laughter

Have a sense of humor, but avoid being too dark or morbid. Laughing at your date’s jokes is important, and so is creating jokes of your own. When a potential love connection is in order, having a sense of humor helps break the ice. It also shows that you do not take yourself too seriously. If possible, make jokes regarding you; laugh at yourself and he’ll fall in love immediately.

5. Smile

Smile every chance you get as long as you don’t laugh at him. Smile as you converse and when you meet for the first or subsequent times. It shows enthusiasm and eagerness to be around them. It also shows that you don’t have any immediate reservations about them. Smiling can also be an ice-breaker, especially if the other party is shy or unsure of themselves.

Bottom Line

Flirting doesn’t have to be mastered and can be practiced without being lewd or aggressive. Whether you are flirting online or at a restaurant, flirting can be your best friend or worst enemy. Be sure to try the above-tested and proven ways of flirting to get what you want.