Birthdays are the most awaited event of the Year. Even if you are in your 30s or are still a teenager, you are always excited about your birthday. Birthdays mean adding to your age, and it is a way to celebrate and begin a new chapter of life.

Having your birthday in the spring season says a lot about your personality, life, and likes and how you see life. Scientists and many astrologers are curious to pinpoint the key personality characteristics a person has according to his birthday month.

Here is a quick guide of how your birthday affects your health.

If you have a spring birthday, then you are a more optimistic person. Children born during spring are more likely to show certain qualities that, according to researchers, are common among them. Let us have a look at them one by one.

 Spring birthday people are more optimistic.

 Yes! People born in the spring season have an extremely positive outlook on life. They have a hyperthymic temperament than those born in summer and winter. This could be linked to the levels of serotonin and dopamine. These are the neurotransmitters to ward off depression. This is because of the changing weather, the blooming of flowers, the pleasant weather, and positive thinking. All these factors contribute to a happy child growing into an optimistic adult. Whenever you meet a person with a spring birthday, you will likely find how cheerful and passionate they are. Take the benefit of flower delivery in India to send flowers and gifts on their birthday directly to their doorstep.

They have a lower risk of asthma.

Studies show that people born in the summer months have a higher risk of asthma than those born in the Spring months. If you have a spring birthday, you should celebrate that you are at a lower risk of acquiring asthma. Studies show that the dust mites that trigger asthma are more prevalent during the summer months. This factor being lowered in the spring months helps the child to develop a better immune system and reduce the chances of developing asthma in the later years of life.

They are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.

People born in the spring months normally have the characteristic of a calm personality. Going by the US School system’s research, babies born in November and December are likely to develop ADHD compared to the older peers in the same class. This fact really shows that the child’s environment is more likely to affect the baby. The cultural phenomenon out there can help if you have a spring birthday. After all, you are less likely to develop ADHD because you are born in the Year’s early months.

They eventually become Night owls.

 People born in the season of spring are more likely to go to bed later at night. You are likely to become a night owl sooner or later. Researches have shown that people born in the spring are likely to become night owls whether by the culture’s effect, the nation they live in, or the work-life. They adopt this habit of retiring late to bed, probably due to the dynamic nature and energetic personality.

 The birthday month is only one factor that says about your health. The culture of the place you live in and the habits you adopt and the exposure you get all these factors also determine your health.

 Usually, the spring babies are more likely to be happier, joyful, and eager to participate in certain different activities. You will find spring babies to be more active owing to their general positive Outlook.

If you have a spring birthday, don’t get surprised to know your personality traits straight at your face. Celebrate your birthday full of charm and glory. Receive happy birthday flowers and a lot of gifts and wishes to make your life even more optimistic and personality charming than your birthday month claims to be. Make this coming occasion a memorable event with a birthday bash and let the world welcome the change of season and your birthday with a blast.