Helpful Tips for Moving During Winter


While moving is always a challenge – not just the physical moving but also the emotional aspect, it is even harder during the colder months. You have to consider whether snowstorms are a possibility, road closures due to excessive snow, and then the logistics of actually moving your possessions when it’s freezing and/or snowing outside. Even if the weather is dire outside, life must go on, so here are my helpful tips for moving during winter.

1. Bring in the Experts
If you can afford to, always use a professional moving company like Moving is absolutely exhausting, even just packing and sorting through things is extremely tiring, so you’ll be extremely relieved and grateful to your past self if you’ve organised a company to help with the heavy lifting. It also adds an extra level of peace of mind in the winter months as you wont have to worry about navigating icy roads in a rental vehicle or with a trailer attached to your car.

2. It May Be Cheaper to Buy Than Transport
If you’re moving a great distance, such as across the country, sometimes it’s more affordable to buy new items than to transport them. For this reason I advise looking into quotes for transportation versus the cost of buying a large item new. Smaller items, such as a delonghi cappuccino machine are usually worth taking with you, but for the larger things it may end up a similar price to be able to buy new depending on the quality and original cost of your items.

3. Make Sure Your New Home is Ready
Whether you’ve bought a new home, or are renting something new, one of the things you should do is make sure that the property is ready for the winter. Are the heat pumps, or central heating working properly? Are there are any concerns about compromised pipes that might burst during a cold patch? Have you checked the integrity of the roof to ensure there’s no chance of leaking? Make sure that the home is ready to move into, before you arrive, because there’s nothing worse than moving and realising when it rains that the roof has a giant leak. Due to the difficulties winter provides in terms of heating and keeping warm, this step is even more critical during the cooler months.

4. Purchase in Advance
There are considerable delays due to supply-chain issues across the world right now, meaning that things such as furniture and appliances are taking much longer than usual to arrive. If you need to purchase new things for your home, it may be worth popping into your local stores to see what the estimated arrival times are. There’s nothing worse than having to wait a few weeks or months for something you need to arrive. You can click here to learn more about supply chain management essentials.

With these tips, moving in winter can be as easy as moving can be. Good luck for your upcoming move!