Solfeggio Healing Frequencies & the 7 Chakras: Corresponding Chakra Frequencies for Healing Meditation


Many people engage in meditation, prayer, a psychic reading online, yoga and other activities to enhance their spiritual lives. Others turn to the nine solfeggio healing frequencies. Healers, musicians and individuals affirm a natural connection between the frequencies and the seven chakras, the human body’s main energy points.

The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

Hertz, one cycle per second, is the official measurement unit of the frequencies. They range from 174 to 963 Hz, and each one is associated with specific healing benefits:

  • 174 Hz: Easing pain and tension
  • 285 Hz: Furthering energy, safety and survival
  • 396 Hz: Shedding fear and guilt
  • 417 Hz: Releasing trauma and negativity
  • 528 Hz: Mending DNA, diseases and illnesses
  • 639 Hz: Healing relationships
  • 741 Hz: Enhancing emotional well-being and problem-solving abilities
  • 852 Hz: Establishing harmony with self and the universe
  • 963 Hz: Creating room for unity and oneness

Solfeggio frequency music and meditations are as readily available online as your daily horoscope. From videos to apps, choose the format that best suits your needs.

The 7 Chakras

Yoga philosophy highlights the human body’s nearly 90 thousand chakras, points or “spinning wheels” of spiritual or physical energy. Seven main chakras exist along the spine. Each one has a dedicated location, color and health focus:

  • Root: Tailbone area; red; stability and grounding
  • Sacral: Above the pubic bone; orange; sexuality and creativity
  • Solar Plexus: Abdomen area; yellow; confidence and self-esteem
  • Heart: Center of the chest; green; love and compassion
  • Throat: Throat; blue; communication
  • Third Eye: Between the eyes; indigo; imagination and intuition
  • Crown: Top of the head; white or violet; awareness and intelligence

Corresponding Chakra Frequencies for Healing Meditation

Many practitioners and individuals bring together the solfeggio frequencies and chakras for their healing meditation practices. Here are some natural pairings to consider for yours.

396 Hz and Root Chakra: With its ability to help shed fear and guilt, the frequency can turn grief into joy. Visualize the root chakra’s signature red as you meditate.

417 Hz and Sacral Chakra: Thanks to its trauma- and negativity-releasing benefits, 417 Hz encourages energy and balance. Focus on the sacral chakra’s orange color.

528 Hz and Solar Plexus Chakra: If you seek healing for any DNA-related damage or illness or disease, visualize the solar plexus chakra’s yellow color as you meditate to 528 Hz frequency.

639 Hz and Heart Chakra: Listen to the frequency and visualize the chakra’s green color. Feel your love and compassion bloom and feel your interpersonal relationships come into balance.

741 Hz and Throat Chakra: Let the frequency further your problem-solving abilities and enhance your emotional well-being. As you focus on the chakra’s blue color, feel not only healthier but also more balanced and focused.

852 Hz and Third Eye Chakra: This powerful combination, supported by the signature indigo color, encourages the opening of your imagination and intuition.

963 Hz and Crown Chakra: White or violet colors make a natural partner to the frequency. Meditate to enhance your awareness and increase your connection with the spiritual world.

If you want to dive deeper into the solfeggio frequencies and chakras, search for more information online today. Like yoga poses, mantras and meditations, and California Psychics reviews, they’re valuable additions to many people’s spiritual toolboxes.