Can I Integrate Data From Salesforce To The Raiser’s Edge?


Nonprofits that combine Salesforce and Blackbaud constituent relationship management software or switch from Salesforce for Nonprofits to The Raiser’s Edge NXT are likely to need integration services. Differences in donor information storage across platforms may result in difficulty getting these systems to work together when transitioning between or seeking to combine these programs. The best integration software for nonprofits can make a raisers Edge data import easier and ensure consistent quality for transferred records.

Steps on How You Can Integrate Raisers Edge and Salesforce

The first step an organization leader or employee tasked with software research and implementation should take is to look for software made especially to integrate nonprofits donor data. This type of software makes it possible to copy or move all data to or from Salesforce and The Raiser’s Edge through automated import and bidirectional transfer utilities as well as a suite of tools for improving data accuracy and completeness.

The Raiser’s Edge NXT is the latest version of not-for-profit fundraising software developed by the software company Blackbaud for over thirty years. The way this system keeps track of information differs from Salesforce and other customer relationship management software that originated in the for-profit business sector.

A need for integration is likely to become more obvious when an organization tries to use more than one constituent relationship management program. Data transfer utilities can make it possible to update records across platforms for switching between platforms or during simultaneous deployment.

The second step to take is to use this software to set up the automated transfer of records from one platform to another. It may be necessary to rely on support for the successful import, export or improvement of data as well as direct or bidirectional systems integration between these two popular platforms.

Why You Should Integrate Salesforce and Raisers Edge Data

Data that remains siloed on Salesforce for Nonprofits or Raiser’s Edge NXT rather than being available for use in both software environments is less useful than information that has been fully integrated. Organizations that use one or the other of these software platforms or are in the process of making the switch from one software as a service provider to another should seek integration solutions to avoid losing valuable donor data during this transition.

Some well-funded nonprofits may see the best fundraising results from pairing Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge together. This approach to implementation allows a group to benefit from the advantages of both platforms while rounding out the shortcomings of each with the features of the other. In this case, integration is a fact of life that will shape ongoing operations as long as these systems are deployed in tandem. It is also important to account for both licensing fees in an organizational budget.

Before making a big investment in Blackbaud The Raiser’s Edge NXT, an organization should create an integration plan. Utilities for ensuring the smooth transfer of information between Salesforce and Raiser’s Edge platforms play a critical part in helping organizations get the most out of an investment in this dedicated nonprofit platform.