What are the choices are many when it comes to eyelash extensions?


If you see too many women with a flurry and filled eyelashes, you must know that these are acquired and not natural. Artificial eyelashes are one of the most sought after beauty product as women want to create amazing eyes that draw all attention. A wide variety of eyelash extensions, including some of Raleigh’s best lash extensions, are available to meet your styling needs.  Although eyelash extensions are common nowadays, you must not confuse it with the false eyelashes that look much the same. False eyelashes are no match to eyelash extensions created by a trained and experienced lash stylist who makes the best semi-permanent makeup that closely resembles your natural eyelashes. So nicely, the artificial extensions match with your natural eyelashes that it will be almost impossible to detect.

The options are many when choosing eyelash extensions and the choice depends on the way you want to apply the extensions to your lash line. You canapply the extension to individual lashes. Another option is to apply it in clusters, and a third option is to get a full set comprising of affixing an extension to each eyelash. If you want a partial extension, the lash stylist will attach the extensions to your lashes from the middle to the exterior of your lash line. To expand the scope of customization, the options of styling stylists are adding new styles.

The beauty of the eyelash extensions depends on their features like curl, length, and shapes. Instead of relying wholly on the stylist to make the selection, your knowledge and understanding of the features will help make a well-informed choice.

The features of eyelash extensions

 All curls of eyelashes might appear similar from afar, but on a close look, you will discover that there are enough variations in the length and width, too, so that you can find something to match your natural eyelashes. Based on the natural eyelash size, the length of eyelash extensions can vary between 6 and 15 mm with thicknesses between 0.05 and 0.15 mm. The length and thickness of artificial lashes will depend on your natural eyelashes, but you can only go up to a certain extent. In terms of length and thickness, ensure proper health of your lash line.

What to consider when selecting eyelash extensions

The shape of your eyes, whether it is almond, downturned, upturned, protruding, or round and whether your eyes are large, small, or in-between are the primary considerations when selecting eyelash extensions. Your eyelids too matter, and knowing its type, hooded eyelids or monolids, have different considerations than other types of lids.

The color of your eyes and its orientation – wide set, deep set, or close set influence the choice of eyelashes. Match the artificial eye extensions with your natural lashes’ qualities regarding length, color, volume, and curl. Whether you want to create a dramatic look, glamorous look, or natural look and whether you have any allergies or skin sensitivities are the other factors to consider. Last but not least, you must consider your tolerance for upkeep.

Types of eye extensions based on the type of material

Human-made materials and animal fur are mostly in use for making artificial eye extensions.  Fur from mink, fox, and sable are the most commonly available animal fur eyelash extensions.

Mink Lash extensions – The tail of Siberian and Chinese minks are the source of fur for making eyelash extensions of premium quality, which are also most desirable. To start your transition to artificial eye extensions, it is good, to begin with, mink fur that produces a natural look. It closely resembles the luster and looks of your lashes. The Mink lashes look fluffy and lightweight butensure that you do not have allergies to animal fur that can upset your dreams of adoring the most desired eyelash extensions. If you are sensitive about animal cruelty, then Mink fur or any other animal fur cannot be your choice. Moreover, it will not suit you if you are on a budget because Mink fur lashes are expensive.

Sable lash extensions

If you are looking for fluffier and finer eyelash extensions, then go for Sable hair, which is the lightest material for extensions.  If you have a penchant for the finest extensions that look entirely natural, then there is hardly anything better than Sable lash extensions. Keep in mind the availability constraints of Sable extensions, which only a few salons offer. Consider the aspect of an allergic reaction to animal fur and your sentiment toward using animal products when making the decision.

Fox lash extensions

To catch up with the latest trend, you can pick Fox lash extensions that come with a reddish tinge in the natural state. Other shades are also available, and you can choose the one dyed in ombre style or with black tips. These are not available in plenty, and you must hunt for it some specific salons.

All animal fur extensions have natural looks and light weight but require perming to achieve the curl. It will increase the maintenance as you must look after it well to retain its shape for which you must learn to perm it at home on your own. If you are ready to spend the time to look after the eyelash extensions in your busy daily schedule, then you can go for it.

Human-made extensions

If you are averse to maintain the extensions, switch over to human-made extensions that do not require any special care to keep up the curl.

Silk lash extensions – Silk lashes are mid-range in terms of weight and are made from some artificial material like silk but unlike any silk fabric. These are heavier than fur extensions or faux fur extensions and not as comfortable, making them suitable for occasional wear.

Synthetic lash extensions – The lashes look far from natural, and even the heaviest, and instead of a soft luster has some sheen that makes it easily distinguishable from fur extensions.

Regardless of the type of eyelash extension, avoid using it for the long term as it can damage your eyelashes’ hair follicles.