Proven: 7 tips to help you become more Ambitious


Many have referred to Ambition as a bad thing, especially in the religion sector. Maybe being overly ambitious is a bad thing, perhaps it’s not. But I will tell you what Ambition is.

Ambition is a valuable and timeless character that will enable you to scale any height you set for yourself. Ambition is raw and can be a fuel for motivation. Combined with determination, Ambition can literally help you achieve any desire, goal, or mission you set your sight at achieving. A lot has been discussed on this topic, but you did agree with me that every successful man or woman out here today have been regarded as ambitious. So, here are 7 proven tips which will very well help you in becoming ambitious.

Focus on Knowledge and nothing else

Like it or not, it is what you know that makes you unique. Not the cloth you wear, the hairstyle you keep or even how you look. It’s about what you know. You cannot achieve anything that is above your level of knowledge. If Zuckerberg never knew a thing about coding, Facebook today would have been owned by someone else who did. The best way knowledge has been known to come by is with experience. The process of learning, exploring and even failing, makes the journey worth it. Ask Walt Disney, the man who was fired from a newspaper company for not having good ideas and imagination but currently worth over $35 billion even after his death. What about Thomas Edison who got the light bulb right after over 10,000 trials. Knowledge is power, and experience even through failing is how you get it.

Do not be scared of risk

Life itself is a risk. No statistic can solve the probability of you making it back from work every day and no statistic to solve that of you waking up healthy in the morning. Needless to say, going out in the morning is a risk, and so is going to bed at night. The thing is, life is only going to be fair to those who aren’t just ambitious but crazy enough to stick their hands into the fire to get whatever they want. If you believe in it so much, then you shouldn’t be scared of taking the risk to achieve it. Being ambitious means being comfortable at risk. In the end, you might find that your worst fear never came about.

Exercise Imagination

You see, Imagination is a great thing. Everything you see in reality today was once a figment of someone’s imagination. To be ambitious means also means you have to have a clear picture in your head of that which you seek. Without it, you probably just a boat following the wind of life to whatever direction it wheels you. The power of imagination can save you from painful times and negative thoughts. It is said that military personnel’s and sports people use this practice a lot, where they not only imagine but confess what they see. For exercise, confine yourself to merely thinking and speaking positive things and see the height of your ambition grow.

Invest your time into your goals

Rest assured, time is your most precious asset because ones spent it can never be recovered. Spending it the right way is the best chance you have of getting value out of it. To become ambitious, you have to dedicate your time into a specific project which is in a relationship with your goals. While science says sleep a lot, the most successful people still sleep late and wake up early. Take a page from their book and experience a leap in ambition. You won’t have to it forever, just as long as it takes to set your success story.

Stay on positive thoughts

There have always been two sides to life. Good and evil, light and darkness, positive energies, and negative ones. The way we think goes a long way in affecting our ambition and goals in life. Negative thoughts create doubt and fear, whereas positive ones help us stay motivated and move forward. If you embrace positive thoughts, you will find you did get excited and get things done.

Stay committed

Commitment is the ability to get things done, no matter the obstacles. You will agree you probably have missed an event, appointment or even a date just because you were having a mood swing, a psychical or psychological issue you could have attended with. Challenges such as laziness and lateness are only present because of lack of commitment. You should know that commitment is one of the ways you can get ambitious, as it requires you to sacrifice certain things for the greater good. For exercise, try developing a strict schedule to help you stay committed, and you will be sure to achieve more in life.

Break from the crowd

Like I have mentioned earlier, what you know is what makes you unique. The thing is, today, many have confined themselves to allowing popular opinions to get to them. The bad side to this is, ones you start taking crowd advice you will be limited to what you can achieve in life. Thus, this isn’t a good thing if you genuinely want to be ambitious. Seek your unique personality, and avoid blending in with the crowd, only seek out proof. This will help you see life from a different perspective and give control over your life. With this, you will most certainly achieve more and be more ambitious.

The important conclusion

Ambitious people aren’t concerned about the opinions of others; they are only concerned about achieving that which they have set their minds to. They have no limit, and they don’t let anything hold them back. By identifying goals, staying committed, and investing your time, you are on your way to achieving more in life. Follow this guide and watch your life change for the better.

Feel free to leave a comment about anything you feel should be on the list but isn’t or share your story.

Proven: 7 tips to help you become more Ambitious