US President Donald Trump Impeachment Starts Officially


The impeachment trial of American President Donald Trump, the third time in history commenced with the reading of the impeachment articles in the country. The process began with the swearing of John Roberts, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court as well as other senators, who would settle on whether the President would be removed from his position or not.

The Senate carried out its official functions of the impeachment trial on 16 January 2020 before the real arguments would get in progress coming Tuesday, January 22 this year. Adam Schiff, who is the House Intelligence Chairman and a California Democrat as well as the lead impeachment manager, started reading the impeachment articles aloud in the chambers when the senators glanced on from their respective desks.

As far as John Roberts is concerned, he was under oath. Once John swore in the senators all present members arrived forward and made their signatures in the oath book on the Senate floor.

What is required to remove Trump?

When it comes to the result of this trial, it is all but determined because two-thirds voting is necessary for the removal of Trump. The President would require 20 Republican Senators in order to break ranks. Then, that does not imply that this trail will not have its turns, twists, and surprises because Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Majority Leader finds the way for the demands of his Senate conference. It also means the pressures from Democrats as well as the whims of the US President and his Twitter profile.

This week, accused Rudy Giuliani – associate Lev Parnas – has upset the impeachment discussion by offering the House Intelligence Committee with loads of proof related to his work with Rudy’s attempts to expel previous American ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, last spring and next put pressure Marie to probe Joe Biden, previous Vice President as well as Hunter Biden, his son. 

The proof is expected to be included in the House Democratic case verses the President that would commence coming Tuesday, next week. During this time, the substance of Trump’s trail would get in progress.


Democrats cite that Donald withdrew the security assistance as well as a White House assembly from Ukraine and forced a probe into the Bidens. On January 16, 2020, the Senate mete out with the official functions of Trump’s impeachment trial.

The Senate authoritatively issued orders to Trump once the senators took an oath to inform him of the impeachment trial. Again, McConnell arranged for a sequence of deadlines for trial briefs to be filed by both the House impeachment managers as well as Trump’s legal team.

The trail will begin coming Tuesday at around 1 pm IST, according to McConnell, during which the Senate is expected to assume a resolution to set the trial rules. Once that is done, arguments would get in progress.

Final thoughts

Only time will tell what would be the result of the impeachment. Will the US President Donald Trump be removed from his office or not is what we all look forward to in the days to come.