California Has Started Going Big on Health Care


Everyone already knows that California is already highly recognized. Because it is extremely progressive. This also includes all health care policies. 2020 has just started and California has again planned to make it big when it comes to health care. The planning of the state leaders has already started to make people extremely impressed. The politicians’ medical bills and also, initiatives of budget are extremely heavy on dollars and ideas. They have once again put California in the front.

The proposal will decrease the costs of several prescription drugs; increase access to health care coverage and most importantly restrict and also tax vaping. However, most lawmakers have also agreed that homelessness is going to dominate this agenda, including the proposal of getting people within the housing, while also treating people who have mental and physical issues.

According to Gov. Gavin Newsom, the budget has started to double down the war associated with affordability. So, right from understanding the various costs associated with Healthcare to producing generic drugs to expanding the usage of the properties of the state to building housing. This was said in an important letter, which was addressed to the legislature. The proposal of a $222.2 billion budget has been unveiled last Friday. Therefore, about one-third of the money is going to be kept aside for the programs of health and human services.

According to Shannon McConville of the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California, So, all these proposals are not a slam dunk because several important factors will be coming into play, like various interest groups, which have the strongest possible presence within the Capitol, including hospitals and Big Pharma.

Drug pricing

Newsom plans to create a generic drug label and this is undoubtedly one of the boldest proposals in the budget of this year, so as it will be responsible for making California one of the very first States to enter the business of drug manufacturing. It can also be the least concrete of Newsom.

Newsom is also interested in contacting at least four generic manufacturers for making drugs, which are going to be available in California for low prices. Newsom’s office has also provided little details regarding the working of the drug and also, how the drugs will be produced. The cost of the plan and potential savings remain unspecified.

The representatives of Big Pharma revealed that they were concerned about other proposals of Newsom, which would create one single market for the pricing of drugs in the United States. Under this unique system, any drug manufacturer would bid for selling their medications inside California and also needed to offer prices, which are lesser in comparison to other countries and states.

Californians may face the issue of losing access to several existing treatments and drugs, and this was warned by Priscilla Vanderveer, who is the vice-president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the lobbying arm of the industry.

California has strong protections against any surprise medical bills within the nation, and it can be hoped that the State brings in better laws to make sure that there is progress in the medical field.


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